About Us

Before you dive in and explore our blog, you might want to know just a little bit about who we are!
But, it will probably take a little too long to explain, so let me sum up...

  • We are a pastor's family in central Arkansas.
  • So, obviously, we are a Christian family. That will be reflected in the posts on this blog. We are delighted to have you comment and interact with us regardless of your personal beliefs, and we appreciate your respect for the foundation of who we are.
  • We are a homeschooling family. Just click on the Hibbard Elementary or Hibbard Academy label to see just what homeschooling looks like around our house. 
  • We are a book-loving family. Since long before our little ones learned how to read, they have all three been magnetically drawn to books. It's in their blood, I suppose! Because of that, we are so blessed to be able to use the Sonlight curriculum for our homeschooling, a literature based curriculum that fits our needs and personalities beautifully!
  • We enjoy Star Wars, The Princess Bride, and Doctor Who, and you will often hear quotes of one or the other around the house. 
  • We love to be together. 
That's us, narrowed down to a handful of bullet points. But, there's so much more to us, and we'd love to get to know you! So come, read our posts, interact with us, and let us get to know you, too!

A little more about Doug and Ann.

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