Monday, August 30, 2010

Greetings from Almyra, AR!

Yes, we are moved!  And thanks to an amazing amount of help, we are seeing great progress toward being settled as well!

Move day was last Thursday.  We were all up bright and early taking care of last minute stuff before the caravan from Almyra arrived.  Steven got to load one of the first things onto the truck – his tool chest full of tools and cars.  He was so excited!

Moving 5

The kids enjoyed playing in and around the truck and “helping” Doug while we got started. 

Moving 4Once everyone arrived, though, they sat down to watch the DVD of Pixar Shorts we’d rented just for the occasion.  They were good as gold the whole time, allowing me to focus on work. 

Moving 3

Our help was amazing.  They had everything out of the house and loaded in two hours!!  Definitely a HUGE record-breaker for any Hibbard family move.  This is just part of the crew…

Moving 2

But, the help wasn’t only on the load end.  By the time we got to Almyra – around 11:30 – we had lunch waiting for us, and more help ready to go to work.  The trucks were unloaded in record time as well, and by the time the last person left around 4:00 the kitchen was half unpacked, all the beds were set up and made, and there was enough space to truly maneuver around the house and for the kids to even play in their rooms!

The kids spent the afternoon with Mrs. Joyce, a sweet lady from church, and had a fantastic time.  It was such a blessing for them to be able to come home to sanity in their new rooms. 

(The girls in Angie’s room.)Moving 1

Somehow I missed getting a picture of Steven’s room Thursday night.  There was one big thing he really, really needed to be able to do to feel at home – set up his train set.  As soon as he saw the house and open floor space (before everything was carried in), he was ready to set up his train set!  How delighted were we all when, almost as soon as he got home, he was able to set up that train set in his room!  He had it running across the whole floor, under the train table, and under his bed.  He has since taken it apart so as to have room to play with Legos. 

A HUGE thank you must go out to everyone who helped with lifting, unpacking, kid watching, food providing, and everything else that has helped make this an incredibly smooth move!

We’ve seen God’s little blessings and guidance throughout this move.  I can’t wait to share them with you…soon!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Simple Woman

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For Today...Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Outside my window...morning sun and stillness.

I am thinking...about the day.

I am thankful for...cooler temperatures, the blessing of productivity, the promise of much moving help on Thursday, friendships.

I am wearing...denim capris, sleeveless red top, and – thanks to packing – tennis shoes instead of sandals.

I am creating...plans for our new home.

I am Mom and I used to come out of opposite ends of the house dressed similarly – same color, same shirt, same something.

I am hearing...FFH’s new song “Undone”, children eating breakfast in an unusually quiet fashion.

On my mind...a couple of families dealing with really sick children; several friends in uncertain situations; the impact of the realization that we are adopted children of God.

Noticing that...we are so much further along in packing this move than we’ve ever been.  That is encouraging.

Pondering these words... “If you are a believer, and so an adopted child, this prospect satisfies you completely; if it does not strike you as satisfying, it would seem that as yet you are neither.”  (The prospect being that of the promise of being with Christ, face to face.)

From the kitchen...frozen meals so we don’t have to stop packing to cook!

Around the house...many boxes, tubs, and crates.

One of my favorite things...the promise of fall and the arrival of football season!

A few plans for the rest of the week...finish packing, move to our new home in Almyra, and come back to Monticello for our last Sunday at Calvary Baptist.

A picture worth has begun with Olivia!  The past two Sundays we have come out dressed similarly with no intention of doing so. 


Monday, August 23, 2010

Grandma Polly – 90 Years!

In all honesty, this blog post is mainly for our memory keepers and for my parents.  You see, my grandma is celebrating 90 years on this earth.  On Saturday we had the privilege of joining much of her immediate family (extending down to great-grandkids) to celebrate 90 years.  Mom and Dad obviously didn’t get to be there, so hopefully they’ll get to smile over these few pictures of the celebration.

Gma 1

There was another really pretty cake, but I didn’t get a good picture before it was cut.  There was some dark green icing on it, though, and Grandma took a lick of it.  The kids just loved the fact that it made her tongue green!  (She thought it was pretty funny, too.)

Gma 3 

Singing happy birthday…

Gma 4

Playing with Aunt Alli…

Gma 5

Meeting new friends (my uncle’s step-granddaughters.  They are SO cute, and the girls hit it off with them almost immediately!)

Gma 2

Happy birthday, Grandma!  We love you! 

Monday, August 16, 2010

Simple Woman

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For Today...Monday, August 16,2010

Outside my window...summer night, slightly less warm than most nights lately, thanks to the steady breeze from the north that has blown all day,  What a blessing the break in the heat has been!  Rather amazing that I could be thankful for a day in the mid to upper 90’s!

I am thinking...mainly about packing, to be honest.

I am thankful for...the “cooler” day; an email from my friend Joanna who has not had email access for so incredibly long it seems! I’ve missed her!  Oh, and no heat advisory for the first time in I don’t know how long!

I am pajamas.

I am creating...a packed house.

I am remembering...other moves – and trying to figure out how to make this one better.

I am sleep well tonight, I hope!

I am reading...nothing, sadly. Looking forward to getting back to reading once this move is over.

I am hearing... the sound of the fan in our room.

On my mind...situations that need much prayer.

From the learning rooms...we finished Core 3 just in time to start packing.  We’ll be starting Core 4 just as soon as we get unpacked and I can get a handle on what we’re doing.

Noticing that...I forgot a blanket when I was packing the blanket tub earlier.

Around the house...boxes, tubs, and more boxes.  (Have I mentioned  I’m packing?)

One of my favorite things...snuggles, which I got with all three of my kids tonight and will probably have with my hubby soon.

A few plans for the rest of the week...packing, packing, packing, and then hopefully taking a break from packing on Saturday to help celebrate my grandmother’s 90th birthday.

Extra note…okay, so I know I haven’t mentioned the move on here before today!  We wanted to wait and give as many people from our church as possible the chance to find out about the move before we broadcasted it online.  I just blogged about it on Ann’s Thoughts a little while ago, so if you’re curious, just click here. And, as I have more coherent thoughts, I will share more information!

Friday, August 13, 2010


Do you have a place that is just a haven for you?  That place that feels peaceful even in the middle of chaos?  I think Arkadelphia is that place for us.  Specifically our alma mater, Ouachita (pronounced Washita, for you non-Arkies) Baptist University, but the town in general, too. 

So, last Friday as we were trying to decide where to take Steven’s birthday pictures, Doug suggested heading to OBU for our photo shoot.  And who was I to argue with such a brilliant suggestion? 

We started with lunch at the Honeycomb.  Click on the link for details about the restaurant – it’s a neat place!  I worked there for a little over a year, starting my senior year of college.  The location where I worked burned down a couple of years ago, and they relocated across the street.  So, as we walked into the new restaurant, it was completely different.  New location, new people, new ways of doing things.  But, at the same time there were so many memories.  And the bread was just as wonderful as I remembered it!  After lunch we went across the street to the Beehive thrift store, owned by the same parent company, and then we headed to campus. 

Thanks to the rain, the outdoor temperatures were bearable instead of suffocating, so we got to wander outside a bit. 

OBU 8We took Steven’s birthday pictures, and then browsed inside for a little while.  We stopped in to see Tim Harrell, one of Doug’s former roommates who is now Activities Director on campus.  He handed each of the kids some new OBU gear, which was delightfully received. 

OBU 6Even Susanna, Harvey, and Bunny are ready to become Tigers!


We went from there to crash in on Tim’s wife Nancy, a former suite-mate of mine and dorm mom in one of the nice new student village dorms that all of us old timers are drooling over!  I took in my camera and didn’t take a single picture until we were walking out the door…I just had too much fun visiting!  Such a precious time visiting with her and meeting her their sweet boys! 

The kids loved playing with little Henry, and it was so precious to see them holding hands as we walked out to the car.

OBU 4It was one of those days that God knew we needed – just a day to refill and refresh.  And for that, we were so thankful.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Celebrating Steven

When Steven says, “That’s just what I wanted!” to nearly everything that comes his way – even naptime – you know he’s had a good day!  So, I think it’s safe to say he had a good birthday yesterday!

It all actually started on Monday.  First thing Monday morning, we encouraged Steven and the girls (with Daddy’s ingenious help) to set the train tracks up in the living room.  Meanwhile, I decorated a Harvey Puppy cake and ice cream cone cupcakes.

Bday 3  (The colors didn’t come out nearly as close to Harvey as I’d hoped, but Steven loved it – that’s all that matters!)Bday 2 Bday 1

Then, Grandma and PopPop came to take him out for lunch and give him his birthday present.  We met them at McDonald’s (his choice, since Larry’s Pizza was closed) for lunch and then came home for cupcakes and play time. 

Steven chose to have the cupcakes first – he handed them out like a perfect little host!

Bday 5Then he opened his gift bag from Grandma and PopPop – a new Mater that fits with his train set!  (Hmmm…wonder why we made sure it was set up that morning.)  He was so excited!  (Mater’s in the bottom left-hand corner of the picture.)

Bday 6But, the fun didn’t end there.  Not long after Grandma and PopPop left, Aunt Alli arrived.  Steven has in the past not had much to do with Aunt Alli without some strong “encouragement”.  But, it appears that Aunt Alli has now been fully accepted.  In fact, not long after she got here, Doug and I were kicked out the door to go run some errands so the kids could be home alone with Aunt Alli!  She even was asked to read him a bedtime story.

Bday 7Such a fun day, and his birthday hadn’t even arrived yet…

Tuesday morning he woke up and informed us that he was still three because he’d not yet had his birthday cake.  Nothing we said would convince him that he was already four! 

Per his request, we had pancakes for breakfast.  Then we played and ran a few errands until lunch – mac-n-cheese with Polish sausages and carrot sticks, again per his request. 

Finally, it was cake and present time.   He chose presents first, so he got the first two…

A ball glove from his sisters so he doesn’t have to use Olivia’s leftie glove anymore!

Bday 10And a tublah (drum) from Nanny & Papaw in Jordan.  Look at that grin!!!  We might be in trouble!

Bday 11Then cake…

Bday 8And then we brought in the big surprise.  I love the look on his face when he first saw it!

Bday 12His very own boy bike!!!  He’s been riding Angela’s hand-me-down pink and purple bike.  Oh, was he ever excited!  The training wheels bent just a bit in the trunk of the car – just enough to hold the back wheel off the ground.  So, he can sit on it and pedal away!  A great thing for this active boy while we wait for the 100 degree temps to ease off!

Bday 13When all was said and done, Steven exclaimed, “Now  I’m four!!”    

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I honestly cannot believe my “baby” is four!  This year we’ve said goodbye to our toddler and hello to our preschooler.  He’s so big!
Steven 1 It’s hard to even process all of the changes we’ve seen in Steven this year.   He has learned to do chores like making his bed and emptying the trash.  And, he’s actually become a true help instead of a distracting comic relief during chore time. 
Steven 8
He can now dress himself, which makes for some interesting outfits some days.  His favorite?  Gym pants of various colors and a favorite t-shirt with bright green crocs or bold red flip-flops, unless we tell him he needs to wear tennis shoes.  Usually the colors are all there, but fashionable matching of those colors just isn’t quite a skill he’s grasped yet. 
Steven 2 Physically he’s growing by leaps and bounds.  Our growth chart shows three and a half inches of growth in the last year.  Those cute little hams we love to “get” now have no baby fat left – they are solid muscle.  A few weeks ago we found a pair of Lightening McQueen tennis shoes, size 12, on sale, so we bought them to put them away for the fall.  Last weekend when we tried to put on his old tennis shoes, we realized fall was too far away!  So, he got to wear his awesome new shoes for his birthday pictures.  Steven 4
The growth of his mind has been phenomenal to see as well.  One day early this year he decided he was ready for school.  I have worked with him some, but it seems as if one day he just suddenly knew his numbers.  Then his letters.  And he’s been working on his writing, too.  Something tells me kindergarten will be starting for this kid before we celebrate his fifth birthday.  Steven 3
Some things haven’t really changed – only grown.  Like his personality.   He is full of energy, and he puts that energy into most  of what he does.  Well, at least what he does that is in line with what he wants to do!  He’s still a kid who greatly prefers to do things of his own choosing!Steven 10
This little goofball makes us laugh continually with the little things he says in his matter of fact way.  Oh, and the faces he makes.  And the sounds he comes up with.  And his creativity.  And his phraseology.  And his imagination.   Steven 7 (And just in case you don’t believe that he’s a little mess, just check out the next picture…the pout and folded arms are very intentional, and there is a grin behind them just waiting to explode into laughter.  This was a pose of his choosing.)Steven 11 (And this is what came next!)Steven 5 And then there are the things that haven’t changed at all.  He’s still a mama’s boy.  He still needs a song at night before he can go to sleep.  Harvey Puppy is more of a friend than ever, so much so that Steven wanted a Harvey cake for his birthday.  And the silkies are still essential.  He still loves trains, cars, airplanes (especially C-130’s), tractors, baseball, football, etc., etc., etc.  He has added Road Runner to his list of favorites in the last year!   He still gives his grandmas a hard time, even though he loves them greatly.  (I must add that Aunt Alli might no longer be on the "give a hard time" list.  Rather miraculous since she has been the greatest recipient of said hard time up to this point!)  He still adores his great-grandma Polly.  He’s now added a new relative to be smitten with – his new cousin Abigail.  Yes, she must’ve hung the moon!  (Hmmm…seems we’re going to have to watch out for this little ladies’ man!)
Steven 9No matter how big he gets, he’ll always be my baby boy.  How thankful we are for this precious blessing, and how fun it is to watch him grow year by year, month by month, and even day by day. 
Happy birthday, Steven!  We love you!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I finally got the VBS pictures uploaded to the computer!  (And I stole borrowed some from Facebook.  (If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you can a whole lot more pictures that a friend uploaded.) 

Here are the kids ready for night #1…


Steven with his class…


(Is this one not just so sweet?!  I still need to find out who he’s hugging!)


Angela’s class with me as Rhoda (Doug and I did the Bible story room)…


…and Doug as a ship’s captain.


Prissy Angie


Olivia’s class…


Olivia & Josiah posing the “high-five” part of the motions from one of the songs. 

VBS 10

Olivia managing the roll while waiting for everyone to arrive on night #2.


The girls with a friend.


We learned about Peter’s escape from prison, Paul’s shipwreck, Peter and John healing the lame beggar and preaching about Jesus, and the early church sharing together.  Our largest attendance night was the night we did the Gospel presentation.  I love that!!!  And, even with all the wonderful rain and t-storms that hit during the week, we never once lost power!  After last year’s power outage on family night, we were all praying this year would not be a repeat performance.  A long, tiring week, to be sure, but definitely a good one! 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Ah, summer.  How greatly we are looking forward to your end!

Reading a friend’s blog post today was quite enlightening.  She had heard a report indicating that Arkansas was the hottest spot on earth on Monday of this week.  True or not, I know it was hot.  And I mean really, really hot. 

So, we’ve been in survival mode. 

Last week it was VBS.  I do have pictures, but they are still on my camera.  This week it’s the heat wave.  Hopefully by next week we’ll actually be able to enjoy ourselves a little bit!

We are finally at the end of the school year!  I have given the girls a list of independent work they need to finish up, and then we’re done.  A week earlier than expected, I might add!  Well, actually, we do still have one last read-aloud…like that’s going to be a problem! 

If I had actually followed through with my good intentions, we’d be ready to start school back right after a couple of weeks off.  Unfortunately, I am not prepared.  Sad, I know.  So, I don’t know when we’ll officially start Core 4.  There will be work for me to give them while they wait, though, so no one will go stark-raving mad in the interim! 

So, the goals for the rest of this week?  1) Continue to survive the heat (which is hopefully going to barely edge back down into double digits this weekend – yay!).  2) Catalog and box up Core 3.  3) Get real blog posts with pictures up on this blog.  4) Get ready for my baby boy to turn four!  (I’m not sure that last one is possible – can I really ever be ready for him to grow up?  But, since he’s going to do it whether I’m ready or not…I guess we’ll celebrate it!)