Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Haircut

About ten years ago, I started cutting Doug’s hair at home.  Since then, it has seemed to just naturally flow that I cut everyone’s hair.  The girls have always been pretty easy.  A straight cut, sometimes with bangs, sometimes without.  I can keep the ends trimmed and the bangs halfway decent.  But, then came Steven.  Keeping a little boy’s hair cut hasn’t been so easy – especially trying to keep a nice little part on top. 

I finally gave up.  Last Saturday I asked Doug if we could forego the part and go to using the razor for the top as well as the back.  Steven was in desperate need of a haircut, and he was just as desperately trying to delay it.  He hates the scissors.  He hates how long it takes to cut his hair.  So, he hates haircuts.

Doug, in his wonderful, easy to please manner, agreed that the part could go, at least for now.  The next challenge was getting a less than happy Steven into the bathroom for the essential cut.  I promised him it would be very, very quick.100_7479

Sure enough, just over five minutes later, he had a new cut!  Quick and easy – yeah, I like that (and so did he!).  The only problem is, of course, that it’s a more grown up look.  Not too sure about that one – he’s looking grown up enough as it is!


Of course, when he does silly things like this, I’m reminded that he will always be my goofy little boy!  And yes, there was a, “Mommy, take a picture of this!” request before he did it! 


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Simple Woman

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For Today...Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Outside my window...a dark sky growing darker each minute; first rumbles of thunder for today; much lower temperatures – today it only got up to the mid-80’s and has since dropped down from there!  (Still exceedingly humid, so it still feels pretty warm, but it’s MUCH better!)

I am thinking...about how often we can see storm clouds, whether it be in the weather or in our lives, as a bad thing.  So often they are a huge blessing, but it can take us a while to recognize that.

I am thankful for...the lower temperatures.  I’ve had an energy today that I haven’t had in weeks!

I am wearing...brown capris, a red short-sleeved shirt, brown sandals, hair in a twist.

I am creating...plans for next week while Doug is gone to youth camp.

I am much Olivia used to adore our seminary housing next door neighbors the Shawas.  Those were really special times. 

I am reading...The Noticer by Andy Andrews

I am will be easier to get up on time tomorrow than it was today.

I am hearing...Angela practicing on the keyboard; Olivia asking questions about the book she’s reading; occasional, low, distant rumbles of thunder.

On my mind...a friend in need of prayer; our full calendar for July; the anticipation of a full August as well.

From the learning rooms...more about light; an extra reader for Olivia because she finished hers two weeks early; finally getting into piano lessons; a new PE program.

Noticing that...I haven’t even checked my to-do list today.  Wonder if I’ve made any progress on it…

Pondering these words..."The reason we breathe is to sing of His glory, and for all He has done, praise the Father, praise the Son, and the Spirit in one.” ~All of Creation by Mercy Me

From the kitchen...still no menu planning.  I’ve really got to get that done!

Around the increasingly cluttered library.  Maybe I will get in there this week to reorganize.  Maybe.

One of my favorite things...big families and the hopes that ours will be big someday.

A few plans for the rest of the week...the usual – church, school, and any errands that need to be run with Doug’s help.  Preparation for Doug’s trip to Birmingham next week.

A picture worth sharing...enormous hair bow!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Where Are You?

Okay, I have a curiosity.  I know our family blog has readers from all over the state, country, and world, but I don't know exactly where everyone is from - or even who exactly reads this blog!  So...would you be willing to introduce yourself?  Just leave a comment saying who you are and where you live.  I'm going to try to do the same on blogs I read regularly. 

I'm excited to see who our family friends are, both old and new.  Thanks in advance!

Oh, and if you want, you can hop on over to Ann's Thoughts and do the same.  I probably won't repeat this request over there, but it would be fun to see how many of you read both blogs. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Family Portraits

In children's church Sunday morning, we were talking about how God takes care of families as families take care of one another.  And, of course, we had to make Father's Day cards.  I asked the kids to draw pictures of their families inside the cards to try to tie the cards into the story concept. 

As I gave the assignment and was helping the kids get started, I realized I had never taught Steven the idea of drawing a stick person.  How we never managed that with all the drawing and writing he's been doing lately, I'll never know.  Not able to spend much time on it since I was teaching an entire class - yet also wanting him to be able to participate (and wanting to avoid his frustration over me not helping him do it perfectly) - I drew his first stick person and told him to copy that for the rest of the family.  Steven loves circles and lines of any sort, so this was right up his alley!  He copied my stick person superbly and then went on to make stick people of all sizes to complete the family.  (Olivia, by the way, was the smallest child!  Steven laughed and laughed over that one - he thought it was the best joke!)

Since then, he has grown fascinated with drawing stick families - always our family.  He takes great pleasure in altering the sizes of each of the family members, too. The one thing that I'm not quite sure about, though, is that every one of his stick families has four children.  We asked him about it on Monday. 

Mommy & Daddy: "Steven, why are there four kids in your picture?"

Steven: "Oh, that's the baby."

Mommy & Daddy: "The baby?"

Steven: "Yes. (Then, rather emphatically...) The baby brother!"

Mommy & Daddy: "But we don't have a baby brother."

Steven: "I know.  But, I like to draw one."

There is no indication that he wants a baby brother - just that he wants to draw one.  I'm not sure I want to know...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Simple Woman

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For Today...Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Outside my window...I can’t really see out the window since I’m sitting in Doug’s office.  But, I know it’s hot and sunny. And hot.

I am thinking...through some journal notes, trying to figure out what approach I want to use as I blog through them.

I am thankful for...air conditioning

I am wearing...brown capris, a light blue sleeveless top, hair in a twist, bare feet.

I am creating...(or trying to create anyway) a skirt out of some brown gauchos that I made last year that are way too big on me now.  We’ll see how this goes!

I am remembering...summers in Jordan without air conditioning.  It was a dry heat, which I prefer, but I’m still thankful for air conditioning!

I am reading...Sarah’s Garden by Kelly Long

I am hoping...a break in the heat comes soon.  By the way, have I mentioned that it’s hot?

I am hearing...Doug tapping on his keyboard, music playing from his computer, the AC running.

On my mind...friends and loved ones affected by cancer.  Either fighting it themselves or watching their loved ones fight it.  It’s an ugly disease, but I’ve seem some beautiful things come from it – just another reminder that God can do some amazing things!

From the learning rooms...Adoniram Judson; Naya Nuki; adding fractions; light

Noticing that...I’m really craving chocolate.  I know – such deep thoughts.

Pondering these words…  “God makes us grow! You can’t stop what God wants!”  Just the words of my children as we tease them about needing to make them stop growing.  But, there’s a lot of depth to those words.

From the kitchen...a very desperate need to get back to menu planning.  We’ve been winging it for several weeks, and that’s just not good for us.

Around the house...more rearranging being planned.  There’s always room for improvement!

One of my favorite son running into the living room, arms open wide for a hug, saying, “I love Mommy lots and lots!”  And the hug that followed was SO big!

A few plans for the rest of the week...surviving the heat.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Concert & Cousins

Friday afternoon there was a comment on Facebook stating that the North Little Rock community band was scheduled to play one of their free summer concerts that evening.  We had been saying for a while that we'd love to go to one of their summer concerts.  We looked at the clock and realized that if we could get on the road within 20 minutes, we could make the concert.  It's hard to be spontaneous with little kids, but our kids are getting to the age that spontaneity is getting easier and easier.  Still hopping in the van for an hour and 45 minute drive to hear a community band concert?  Yeah!  Let's do it!   Yes, we're crazy.  And, yes, it was lots of fun!
We arrived to a fun surprise.  Doug's sister had seen Doug's statement on Facebook that we were heading up to the concert.  They were intending to drive up from Hot Springs to run some errands on Saturday anyway, so they decided to bump their trip up to Friday evening and meet us there.  The cousins were delighted!

We sprawled out on the awesome grass and enjoyed the concert.
I tried to get some video of Steven bouncing to the music while he sat mesmerized (at least at the beginning), but he stopped bouncing every time I started the video.  He was listening intently, though, and really getting into it!  Then he decided to enjoy the second half of the concert running back and forth behind us. 
After the concert we headed over to say hi to the band director.  He had been Doug and Stephannie's school band director, and both of them had also been part of the community band for a time.  While they were waiting to talk to him, a couple of the band members graciously showed the kids their flutes and piccolos, even letting them hold the instruments!  This made the kids' day!
Once the people cleared out, the kids started running around barefoot in the lush grass and then decided that running just wasn't enough.  Thus began the rolling...
(Of course, the adults couldn't help but yell, "Aaaaaas yooooou wiiiiiish!" as the kids rolled.)

Doug and I were quickly reminded both on the drive home Friday night and as we dragged ourselves out of bed Saturday morning that we just don't do late nights so well anymore.  But, I must say the spontaneity and the late night were both well worth it.  Definitely a fun evening had by all!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Trains and Answered Prayer

I often feel that it's selfish to pray for certain playthings for my kids.  They have so much already!  But, Steven really, really, really loves trains.  Every time we are anywhere with a train set, he goes nuts.  So, I confess, I prayed for one for him (and I think Doug did too).  It was a quick, "Lord, this is something we know we can't get him, but if someone's kids outgrow theirs, could you guide them to think of us?" kind of prayer. 

And that's exactly what happened!

Doug's aunt and uncle had, over the years, invested in a huge set of Fisher Price Geo Trax for their grandchildren.  They have now outgrown said set.  Not wanting to just toss the set into a Goodwill pile, they thought of Steven!!!  I love it!

So, when Doug arrived at his aunt and uncle's to meet up with his mom after the convention, there were two huge bags of train set components waiting for him.  When the kids woke up yesterday morning they saw these two mysterious bags sitting in the living room.  They wondered and looked, and then Steven managed to make out the outline of a train engine through the plastic.  He was ecstatic!!

We celebrated Father's Day early because Sundays are so busy around here, and we had given Doug a new Belgian waffle maker for Father's Day.  So, he and I were busy making waffles and had told the kids we'd get into the bags as soon as breakfast was over.

So, Steven waited patiently...

Then he discovered a hole in one of the bags and had to get a better peek!
Then he got up for a few minutes to watch the waffle-making process and ended up hurting himself a little.  So, he needed some comfort, both from his bags and his big sister!
Finally, the time came!
So many parts!!!
Steven didn't waste any time.  As soon as he had a stretch of tracks, he tried it out! 
We all jumped in and made the track together (resulting in no pictures of the construction process - sometimes Mama just needs to be in on the action too!)  Once the first track was done, there was plenty of room for all to play! 
The kids spent hours with this track yesterday.  They have had so much fun!  This morning Steven was up and at it before Doug and I were even up!  Already this morning the first track has been demolished.  Steven is happily playing creating his own track segment while the girls work to make a new double-decker loop track.  It was so much fun to tell the kids that this was something we had prayed for, and to explain to them that even though God doesn't always just drown us in our wants, there are certain things that He loves to bless us with!

Friday, June 18, 2010

We Survived!!

Last night I could tell the kids were ready for Daddy to come home because they were super hyper at bedtime!!  What they didn't know was what time I was expecting him.  I'd been telling them all week that he wouldn't be home until long after they went to bed, so they didn't expect to see him until Friday morning.  But, as he and his mom set out from Florida yesterday morning, they both decided they were just ready to get home.  So, they hit the road and hardly stopped the whole way home.  Early in the afternoon Doug called to tell me he expected to be home by about 8:00!  I sent the kids on to bed for their book time around 7:00, hoping it would help them calm down a little bit.  (It didn't.) 

Doug pulled up about the same time Steven came out of his room to show me a cool helicopter in his book.  Without missing a beat he turned to show it all excitedly to Doug as if Doug had been there all day!  But, as he ran back to his bed, there was an extra spring to his skip that hadn't been there all week.  Daddy was home, and all was right in his world again.  The girls, on the other hand, let out genuine girlie squeals of delight when they saw him! 

We got through the week pretty decently.  Sunday is always a busy day.  The remaining days were just "normal" weekdays, and it helped to have school and a few other things to take care.  It went pretty smoothly, although we did hit some rocky emotional spots on Tuesday afternoon (probably related to the fact that Doug's schedule kept us from talking to him much all day).  But, a visit from a friend from church helped with all of that.  The kids were ecstatic when they learned Ms. Vickie was coming over to eat supper and play games - and I was very much looking forward to the visit time.  

This past week we did very little in the way of "special" activities in his absence, so I don't even really have fun pictures to share!  I've never been really great at planning special events (that's Doug's strength), but I might have to dig down and see what I can come up with for Doug's next trip.  He leaves two weeks from Monday for Birmingham and M-Fuge.  We just might have to find a road trip or at least a little mischief of some sort to get into while he's gone this time! 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Simple Woman

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For Today...Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Outside my window...two loads of laundry hanging in the stillness of this intense heat wave. 

I am thinking...about Friday morning when the whole family will wake up under one roof.  I like that thought.

I am thankful and electronic communications.  I’ve been able to video chat with my hubby several times since he’s been gone.  And, now that we have Skype functional again, I’ve been able to real-time chat with my friend Joanna in the Solomon Islands twice in the past week!

I am knit sundress, sandals, hair down amazingly enough!

I am creating...a plan.  I really want to get the library/sewing room reorganized, but I have no idea where to begin yet.  The bug will bite soon enough.

I am remembering...friends who have to live with regular separation from their spouses.  This summer is reminding me to be thankful for the fact that this is rare for us!

I am stay out of the heat as much as possible.

I am reading...just school stuff for now.  Calico Bush and Adoniram Judson are our current books.  I need to get back to reading for me! (Should get a new Amish novel in the mail soon.)

I am hoping...the forecasted chance for rain becomes a reality.

I am drowning out any precious child noise, Downhere playing on iTunes

On my mind...Olivia’s passion to get Bibles to people who don’t have them.  1) I want to have more of that passion.  2) I want to make sure to nourish her passion and continue to find ways to help her and the rest of our family make that desire a reality.

From the learning rooms...Taking a break from US History to learn about Adoniram Judson; long division with remainders; place value; silly stories about whales for creative writing.

Noticing that...a pretty stout breeze has picked up outside since I last looked out the window. Nice!

From the kitchen...Bisquick chicken pot pie (I usually prefer real pie crust, but I wasn’t in the mood to make one today); pretzel dogs for supper with a friend.

Around the house...a slow but definite return to order from the utter chaos that we’d fallen into.  It’s still not perfect, but it’s much more tolerable!

One of my favorite things...the love my kids have for their daddy and that he has for them and the fact that it’s evident even when he’s away. (Steven informed me today that I cannot squish his belly until Daddy has a chance to squish it first!)

A few plans for the rest of the week...a little party tonight with a friend who’s coming over; church tomorrow; Father’s Day preparations on Thursday so we can celebrate on Friday (Sundays are just too much!); celebrating Doug’s return and Father’s Day on Friday; much rest for all through the weekend, hopefully!

A picture worth sharing...hallway baseball player in full dress uniform

Angie dressed up  

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day One

Today is Day One of a six-day separation from Doug/Daddy.  He left early this morning - before the kids were up - to head to Orlando, Florida, for the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention.  Last year we all got to go.  It was in Lexington, KY.  It was closer.  It was cheaper.  This year it just wasn't happening.

Our family isn't separated very often.  It's just strange to have a family member - any family member - gone through all waking hours of the day, much less overnight.  Then when you turn that into six full days, well, things just seem a little helter-skelter around here!

Today went pretty well, though.  There were a few moments when faces puckered up this morning at the reminder that Daddy wasn't home.  No words were said about it - just a look here and there.  But, a phone call or two took care of that.  There was a bit of unsettledness this evening as we got ready for bed and Daddy wasn't around.  Again, a phone call helped.  I'm sure these huge grins aren't at all indicative of how much it helped...

Through the day, there was a little more "Mommy, Mommy!" than normal.  They needed a little more attention.  Helping Mommy with a task here, a game of hallway baseball there, a chance to help make brownies and ice cream, read-aloud time on Mommy and Daddy's bed, and the promise of getting to take turns sleeping in Mommy and Daddy's bed the first three nights - yep, it's the little things that make it all better!

I'm praying for good sleep tonight for the kiddos.  Already both Steven and Livie have been up for little nothings since I put them to bed.  (Angie is getting the first night in my bed, and she hasn't been up at all!)  But so far only twice for Steven and once for Olivia.  Hopefully that will be it! 

There will be a few surprises through the week that will help.  Pop Pop is coming up tomorrow morning (Grandma rode down with Doug to go see her father and brother who live not far from Orlando) to preach, so his presence will make Daddy's absence a little less glaring.  Then on Tuesday night one of their favorite ladies from church is coming to spend the evening with us.  I'm sure I can pull another trick or two out of my sleeve to help make the week go by a little more smoothly!

The only thing missing now is news that Doug and his mom made it safely to their destination...

So ends Day One.  Five nights and five days to go! 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Southern Polish, Math & Research Papers

It's funny to hear remarks about how torturous it must be to do school through the summer. To be honest, there are some days I'd love to just take the whole summer off. But, we'd all miss it too much. This week has been fun and the kids have launched into our summer schedule with great enthusiasm.

The girls love to teach Steven. Typically Olivia and Angela learn together and then one or both of them actively makes sure Steven learns as much of the information as he is capable of learning. The most recent lesson has been Polish numbers. Olivia is further along in her Polish lessons than Angela, so she has already learned to count to 12 (actually, one day I looked up how to count to 20, and she remembers most of those numbers as well). She took it upon herself to make sure Angela knew all of her numbers. Then they taught Steven. Yesterday Steven wanted to do his number flashcards. I jokingly asked him if he wanted to do them in English or Polish, and he excitedly said, "Polish!"

I wonder how absolutely hilarious our Southern accents would sound to native speakers...(you might need to turn up the speakers a bit.)

Meanwhile...Angela has sped up quite a bit in math. She is very good in math and thoroughly enjoys it. But she was getting quite bored with it. She wanted more challenge. So, we let her speed up. She's been doing anywhere from two to four lessons a day. Only once did she show a struggle with a concept, so I slowed her down until she got it. On Tuesday she proudly finished her first grade math and yesterday she began second grade math. She was so very excited!

And then there's Olivia. This week I told them we were going to start learning about Adoniram Judson in history. Judson is a significant missionary in Baptist life, and my home town of Judsonia just so happens to be named after him. When Olivia heard that, she asked, "Can I do a report on him?" Thrilled, I naturally said yes. Next week she's supposed to write a mini-report anyway. Even though he wasn't on the recommended list I told her she was more than welcome to do a report on him instead of on one of the others on the list. Her reply? "But, Mom! I don't want to do a mini report! I want to do a research project like the one I did on sharks!" The child who fought me tooth and nail on just about everything I tried to get her to write last year now wants to tackle her second research project in a year! Needless to say, that made this mama's heart very, very proud and happy!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Simple Woman

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For Today...Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Outside my window...alternating clouds and sun with an occasional breeze jostling the leaves on the trees around us.  High expected to reach 97 with a heat index of 107.  Fun times.

I am thinking...about Steven’s zest for life.  It has been rather entertaining of late!

I am thankful for...air conditioning and insulation.

I am tank top, capris with large bright pink and green flowers (probably the most exciting article of clothing I own!), brown sandals, hair in a twist.

I am creating...chaos, it seems. Wonder if I can reverse that and create order instead.

I am love on my kids and not take their health for granted after watching Extraordinary Measures last night.

I am tackle these endless mounds of unfolded clean laundry.  Thankful to have so much.

I am hoping...the days before Saturday go very slowly and the following six days will go very quickly – Doug will be at the SBC those days.

I am hearing...Steven’s jabbering and singing while he works on workbook pages, his choice of “school” for the day.  It’s sweet to sit here with him.

From the learning rooms...trying out our new summer schedule this week – so far so good.  Motion, the War of 1812, the Monroe Doctrine, long division & right angles, math review (Angie’s almost ready for a new math book!), ABC’s & 1,2,3’s (in English and Polish, thanks to the teaching of big sisters!)

Noticing that...diligence just feels better.

Pondering these words... “It was so beautiful it almost seemed fake.” ~My friend Joanna  C while walking through God’s beautiful tropical creation.  I think that one might end up blogged about soon.

From the kitchen...a twist on our peanut butter granola bars.  We substituted Rice Krispies for half of the oats.  Yum!

Around the house...mountains of laundry; moving school and eating into the living room while the dining room is converted to a spot for the toaster oven and indoor laundry rack.  It’s easier to cool the living room if the dining room/library are closed off!

One of my favorite things...the imagination of children.

A few plans for the rest of the week...finish trying out and tweaking the new school schedule, get Doug packed for his trip to Florida, catch up on housework.

A picture worth sharing... water gun fight from a few weeks ago.
Water Gun Fight

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Memorial Day

Last Monday morning we got up and headed to Judsonia to spend the day with the Browning side of the family.  We were blessed to get to celebrate Memorial Day with not just the grandparents, but also both of my brothers and their wives - and, of course, little Abigail.  When we look around at wonderful family and realize how blessed we are to be able to get together whenever we please, it makes it the remembrance of the lives sacrificed that much more meaningful.

There we so many great pictures from the day.  I picked out my favorites and ended up with 22!  So, I narrowed them down greatly to my seven favorite.  (Mom and Ashley, be expecting emails over the next few days with the extra pictures!)

The four cousins.  A cute bunch, if I do say so myself!
Grandma and Grandpa with Abigail
The girls found dress-up hats
Olivia enjoyed one of her favorite spots - Grandpa's lap.
She's about to outgrow Grandma!
Of course, the highlight of the day was Abigail.  She's such a sweetheart!  We passed her around until she issued her protests against being handed from person to person.  She was happy on her pallet on the floor, though, while everyone took turns trying to get her to talk and laugh.  

Friday, June 4, 2010

Travs Game

We have long been wanting to go see the Arkansas Travelers play.  Scheduling has been a HUGE problem for us, though.  Most games don't start until 7:00, and that's just a bit late for kids our age to start watching a game.  I can only imagine the exhaustion and whininess!  It seems that all of the afternoon games are either on Sunday or Wednesday, and that's just a wee bit hard for a pastor's family to swing.  But, this past Sunday we didn't have church on Sunday evening.  So, we made plans as a family to go see the Travs play.  Pretty soon we discovered that we weren't the only ones from our church with such plans!

Although we didn't travel with the bigger group because we had other things we needed to take care of, we did end up with seats in the same section.  It was a pretty fun group!

It was raining when we arrived, so there was a bit of a game delay.  But, as the last few rain bursts were finishing the field crew started preparing the field, and by the time the game started the rain had stopped for good.  The rain accomplished what we'd been praying for for weeks - a relatively cool evening!  It was wonderful! 
The kids had lots of fun at their first Travs game.  The girls had been to see the Memphis Redbirds several years ago - before Steven was anywhere near the picture - but they don't remember the game.  So, this might as well have been their first baseball game.  It was definitely Steven's first. 
After a bit of a shaky start, the Travs won 2-1 thanks to two homers!  All in all a fun adventure.

The game ended at 8:00, and fireworks from Riverfest were supposed to start at 9:00.  We were going to be allowed to stay in the ballpark to watch the fireworks, but the kids were already worn out from being there since just before 5:00.  So, we went ahead and left.  We headed over to TCBY for a nice cold treat.
Steven chose a rather colorful flavor that left his lips and tongue exceedingly blue!!

In addition to the fun of a blue mouth, he was entertaining us all with hilarious looks like this one...

After ice cream, we headed back toward the river and managed to catch the fireworks from the van as we drove around.  A beautiful ending to a fun evening!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Simple Woman

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For Today...June 1, 2010

Outside my window...sunshine and much warmth.

I am thinking...that the afternoon flew by much more quickly than I expected.

I am thankful – we are feeling so much better this week!

I am wearing...a red sleeveless top and brown capris; sandals; hair in a twist.

I am creating...nothing at the moment, although I’m inspired to make hairbows for my niece Abigail.  Who knew babies could really have hair! :-)

I am sweet children as babies (can you tell we saw sweet little Abigail yesterday? Pictures to come!).

I am get pictures of our weekend uploaded soon.

I am hoping...Steven wakes up soon so we will have time to walk this afternoon.

I am – so thankful for them, but they do drown out most other sounds.

On my mind...our church – oh how I long to see us as a church grow passionate about truly living for Christ!

From the learning attempt to determine a summer schedule. Yes, we school year-round.  But, our summer schedule usually is typically quite a bit more relaxed than the rest of the year.

Noticing that...the news of answered prayer is such an encouragement to pray more.  Thankful for friends who let me pray with them.

From the kitchen…lots of carrot sticks and apples and cooking processes that require as little heat as possible.

One of my favorite things...watching my wonderful husband play with our children.

A few plans for the rest of the week...not much. Church, school, mowing the yard, and whatever else comes our way.

A picture worth sharing...Steven telling his daddy a story.
Story Time