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Well, friends, the time has come for our very last Not-Back-to-School Blog Hop post! The month has gone quickly!

Today's topic is "Fabulous Field Trips." I cannot wait to see what my review team friends share about their field trip adventures!

I have a stack of various forms and resources that would allow me to record every field trip for record-keeping purposes. My children could even use them to produce fantastic reports about our trips. We never use them. I confess I have never once even encouraged my children to produce evidence proving that they learned something on one of our outings. But, every time we go through pictures or talk about our trips, they prove that they remember. We plan our outings just for the sake of having fun, but we rarely come back from one without having learned something. I guess that is what happens when you plan trips for a family addicted to learning!

A look back through our blog history reminds me of some of the fun trips we have taken over the years.
Two Air Shows


Air Show 7
A trip to see hummingbirds banded
Trips to the zoo with extended family...


or just us

Summer band concerts (my husband and sister-in-law used to play in this band, and my mom does now!)

Historical sites & events
Museum 7


Trains 2
Combine rides
Combine 1
Even a simple trip to Barnes & Noble with friends counts!

And occasionally we are invited to join organized school trips like Farm Safety Day.

Note: All of the pictures link back to blog posts about those trips.
We rarely plan for our field trips to be super educational or to fit precisely with our current school focus. We just take advantage of opportunities that come our way or plan outings that fit with what we as a family enjoy. Frequently, though, it happens anyway. (That especially tends to be what happens when God is the One who engineers our adventures.) Even a recent trip to the eye doctor was almost like a field trip because Olivia and I had just been learning about the eye in school. The doctor took the time to explain how what Olivia had learned in her science books related to her eyes specifically.

With that, we come to the end of our blog hop. But we do have one last giveaway! First, last week's winner...

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And, as always, don't forget to click on the blog hop button at the top of the post to read about the field trips my fellow review team members enjoy.


Choate Family said…
I'm so glad we aren't the only ones who just enjoy field trips. I recently had someone aghast when I told her that I didn't make my kids write reports or do extra school work for our many field trips :-) It's just fun learning and being together as a family!
Amen about the field trips. I don't do reports or anything, and the kids learn a TON.

And Ann, I am still a paper person too :D Looks like a lovely planner,

We have done 3 field trips and only 1 did my son actually do anything directly with it (he had to write down the nature he saw as we drove 3 hours to visit relatives). Today was the 3rd one so we still have a little time for post trip projects that one.
Kara said…
Excellent post, Ann. We love our field trips, also. When the children (and parents) love to learn, it's amazing how nearly everything becomes a field trip. We have studied the empty clam shells on the beach, a vacation to Washington became a Mount St. Helens extravaganza, even a trip to Silver Dollar City becomes an opportunity to learn about history, craftsmanship, caves, music... We have been blessed that Mike's job allows us to travel for work so that we can field trip across the country. :) Some our field trips are planned, but most are just being open to what God has for us that day. What a blessing to have that freedom with our chilren.
Lisa C. said…
Our family loves the field trips we take! Every one of them is a learning opportunity if we are intentional! Thank you!

Lisa C.
WildRoses said…
I plan some day to take my children to the home of Laura Ingalls Wilder. My husband is actually a distant relative of hers. It'll be very cool telling them about the famous people they're related to during interactive field trips. Another famous relative on my side is Johnny Cash. I'd like to schedule a trip relating to his life as well! Hopefully we'll be able to tour the world for field trips! Talk about learning!!!
Unknown said…
Field trips make learning so much fun for families! My personal favorite so far was our visit to a local dairy farm on a college campus. We learned about the milking process and were able to feed the newborn calves.

Thank you for offering the giveaway!
Erin Long said…
Field trips during the summer are great, we counted camping and trips to the beach among ours.
Becky said…
I think I'm too late, but I'd love a chance to enter. So far I'm trying to figure out how to do the field trips on my own with three kids the oldest being 7 and the youngest only 2. Soon I hope.

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