Thursday, July 30, 2009

Playing in the Rain

Yesterday I let the kids play outside in hopes that the mosquitoes weren't too bad. About the time I called them to come in, it started pouring. There was no thunder, something which hasn't been very common around here lately. So, I said, "Anyone who wants to go run in the rain, do it!" The girls were thrilled, and took off running!!! Then Steven, who typically goes nuts and doesn't even want to be anywhere near rain, looked at me and asked, "Me too?" So, out he ran! He came back in after a few minutes and then decided he wanted to just walk. But he did it! I was so happy!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Evidence of Silliness

As if you needed any evidence...but here it is, nonetheless.

These are just a few of the images I have seen around the house lately!!

First we have Princess LuLu - I mean, Cinderella, of course! :-)

But, this one is even better - that is one serious pout! I can't even remember now what she was pouting about.
Steven trying on his sisters' shoes - and not just one pair. He's had just about all of them on and has been walking around the house in them! We insist that our kids have their shoes on at all times unless they are in their bedrooms because of the condition of the hardwood floor - loose planks everywhere that can injure a foot so easily. I think Steven has decided that his sisters' shoes are easier to get on and off!
The girls were pretending that it was winter. Not just winter, but winter up north. Yep, where it really gets cold. I know it's been unseasonably cool the past couple of weeks, but I can't even think about pretending it's winter when it's really summer! It made me hot just to look at Olivia!
Remember Saturday morning cartoons? We don't have many Saturday mornings like this, but this past week was so wonderfully relaxed. Doug popped in a Bugs Bunny DVD for the kids - okay, so not quite like the old days, but fun nonetheless!
One morning all of the kids were awake before I finished exercising. Steven won't get out of bed until I come get him. Since I was slow getting to him that morning, the girls went to him, and this is how I found them!!!
Then there was the day I was giving Steven a few minutes more to play before naptime. I heard incredible cackling from the girls' room, so I went to investigate. I found them like this, just rolling with laughter. They were reading Cinderella and had decided to put the adjective "wicked" in front of every noun, not just stepmother. So, they were coming up with all sorts of "wicked" combinations, each one sending them into peals of laughter!

(I don't know if you can tell it or not, but at the end Steven says, "Get out of here!" I gave him a stern look, he got a repentant look on his face, and then he gave a very sheepish, "Please?" He's a mess!)

So, there you go. Just in case you needed it, here is irrefutable evidence of the silliness that goes on in this household!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Silly Steven!

the other day I went to get Steven ready for his nap, but didn't see him in his room! I started calling his name, only to hear a soft giggle from his room. Soon a head poked out from under the bed, laughed, and then disappeared again! Such a silly boy!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


In years past, we've just sung in school when we felt like it, coming up with songs off the top of our heads. This year I decided to add a little more work to myself (yes, I am a glutton for punishment!) and make a song book! So, I've been compiling a list of some of our favorite songs, mostly hymns.

And that has made me curious. What are your favorite songs? Whether in school, during family devotions, at bedtime, or whatever. I'd love to see your list! Some of them might end up on our list, too! :-)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Arkansas Post Museum

Well, now a week and a half after the fact I'm finally posting about our trip to the Arkansas Post Museum! The museum is in Gillette, AR, which is just under an hour away from Monticello. Although it's not on the exact site, it commemorates the general location of the first settlement west of the MS. Hernando DeSoto began that settlement, and although it didn't last, other settlements followed in the same area. Revolutionary and Civil War battles were also fought in the area! Another time we hope to go back and explore more of the sites commemorated near the museum grounds. That day, though, we went with the intention of attending a special event - someone was going to come do a display of 19th century women's clothing from the late 19th century. The girls would have loved that! But, when we arrived, we discovered that the event had been canceled at the last minute.

Of course, that didn't even come close to ruining our trip! We were told to feel free to tour the grounds and look into the buildings. None of the buildings were original to that site, but they were all so fascinating!

First stop was the kitchen. We learned that outbuildings were frequently used for the kitchen area for a couple of reasons. First of all, it protected the main house from a kitchen fire. Secondly, it kept the main house from being filled with the heat from the cooking.

Next we walked into a building housing all sorts of neat artifacts from all phases of history. There were war memorials from both World Wars, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. There was a section of the room roped off and set up like an old dry goods store, complete with mailboxes, bins and shelves, and all sorts of samples of what the dry goods store might carry. There were pieces of farm equipment lining a wall. There was a gorgeous old sewing machine. There was a section set up like an old parlor. Such fascinating sights!

The girls were excited to see a real farm wagon and see how it could be converted to a covered wagon.They also enjoyed looking at some treasures from various old schoolhouses, including seeing how the desks were made. It now made sense why the youngest class sat on the front row and held their books in their laps without a desk!The largest attraction in the building was a fascinating child's playhouse! Built for a real child, the playhouse contained a living room, bedroom, and kitchen, all with child-sized furniture. It even had a screened-in back porch! All of this once belonged to a child from the area - her parents had built the house for her and made all of the furnishings. It was quite amazing!Our last stop on the grounds was a log cabin. This cabin is 130 years old and has been moved four times. Some of the flooring is being restored, but much of the cabin is the same as it was when it was built (with the addition of some electrical outlets for events!). It was amazing to us how nice and comfortable it was inside the cabin, even on a warm day!
Driving home, the kids enjoyed some of the best lollipops we've ever tasted! I'm not a big lollipop or sucker fan, but those were phenomenal! If you're ever by there - and you like caramel - there caramel lollipop is a must!

Definitely looking forward to our next trip...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

And, we're back!

Wow, what a week! I have yet to download the pictures from the museum trip, and I took very, very few pictures during VBS. A friend took some and sent them to me, but I haven't downloaded them yet. So, hopefully a more photo-filled blog will be forthcoming.

In the meantime, I'll share a word picture of our week!

VBS started Sunday night. This year we partnered with two smaller churches to do a joint VBS. We wondered how it would fall into place, just because a joint venture has its pros and cons. But, looking back on the week, the general consensus is that our visit to Crocodile Dock was a great success, even down to the grand not-so-planned finale! (More to come on that.)

Doug rotated with another pastor and one other man to teach the Bible lesson each night. The theme was "Fear Not!" with the topic centering around the life of Moses from the burning bush through the parting of the Red Sea.

My participation was more with the staff. I ran the "teacher's lounge" where teachers and staff could come for some food and drink as well as an escape from the chaos and decor of VBS. Yes, it was a cushy job, okay? I admit! And, I probably could have left the room a lot more than I did and found other ways to help, but it was really neat to interact with the teachers from all three churches and to hear their opinions about how things were going. I really enjoyed it!

Meanwhile, as I mentioned in an earlier post, the compressor on our air conditioning unit went out first thing Monday morning. I worked down my list of stuff that desperately needed to be done before I could leave the house for the day, and then carried lunch to church to cook it there so as to not heat up the house more than necessary. We stayed at church until VBS was over that night and then came home to a warm, but not unbearable house. Just as we woke up Tuesday morning and thunderstorm hit, and immediately the house cooled down several degrees - enough to get that exercise in and to take care of some things before needing to leave the house. That night it was pretty stuffy, so we put the kids in the school room where there was a wall unit (much to Steven's chagrin), and put all of the fans in our room. :-) Wednesday morning was pretty bearable, too. By Wednesday night, though, it was getting pretty tough to sleep. Thursday morning dawned hotter than Wednesday night, and I confess I was downright grouchy! We fled the house as quickly as possible and spent the entire day at the church.

When we still hadn't heard anything from the man who was supposed to fix our AC (his estimate had been that the parts would arrive on Wednesday), Doug gave him a call. We were told that the shipment had been delayed, and it might arrive in time for the work to be done Thursday night, but probably Friday morning. When Mr. Adcock called Doug just before 6:00 (right before VBS started) Thursday evening and said he was at the house to install the new unit, I nearly burst into tears of thankfulness!!

I drove to the house to make sure Mr. Adcock had everything he needed, he so graciously told me to find the breaker, leave a door opened for him, and then head back to VBS. I was so thankful! He must have done a speedy job because a little after 7:00 the storm hit. Oh, was that ever fun!! First, the power began blinking in and out in that very ominous power surge way. Then the bottom dropped loose. The wind and thunder were incredible! The power finally went out once and for all around 7:15. We kept going as we were for a while, but then in all the chaos we were told to gather all of the children in the hallway.

What began to circulate was that we were under a tornado warning (we found out later that was not true and that there were actually organizational reasons for putting us in the hallway), so you can imagine the fear that rippled through the ranks.

Remember what the theme of VBS was? Need a little reminder? FEAR NOT!

Thanks to the storm and power outage, we didn't get to do Family Night. No certificates, no slide show, no performances, and mainly only workers staying to enjoy the pizza (which was a blessing since Mazzio's hadn't had time to finish all our pizzas anyway!). But, God had a much more fitting end to the week. You see, we could sit in that hallway reminding those kids that they didn't have to be afraid in scary times like big storms and power outages. God is with us. FEAR NOT! God is powerful. FEAR NOT! God does what He says He'll do. FEAR NOT! God gives us life. FEAR NOT! God takes care of us. FEAR NOT! What better way to hammer in such a truth than with very practical and personal application?

Doug called for Spencer (our music minister) to come into the hall and start leading the kids in song. Within a few minutes panicked children went from crying to singing the "Fear Not" song. Little lights were passed out to each child, but as the tears gave way to song and smiles, more than lights lit up that hallway! What could have been a failure turned into a beautiful success.

We hope to go back and try Family Night again, but my prayer is that the message of Stormy Night will sink in with even more power!

As we headed home, we noticed that there seemed to be power on our side of town - until we got to our street. Yep, ours was one of two streets in our neighborhood without electricity. Mr. Adcock had been able to fix our AC before the storm hit - he'd even turned it back on for us! But, it hadn't had a chance to run before the power went out. The house was stifling. So, we headed right back to the church and camped out on the floor. Not the most comfortable of nights, but the power at the church came back on around 11:00, so it was our first cool night of the week!

On Friday we came home long enough to shower and get dressed, and then we headed down to Monroe to escape the hot house, and when we got home, the power was back on and the house was cool! We spent yesterday in recovery mode, getting all the rest we could before heading into a new week.

I wish I could say I'd been patient and enduring through it all, but I can't. By Thursday morning I was a grouch. I'm thankful that God doesn't give up on me, and I am confident that I'll have another chance to endure at some point! :-) But, I honestly can say now, looking back, that giving up electricity was a small price to pay for those few minutes in the hallway at church Thursday night.

God is so good to us. We never have to be afraid. Of anything!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Crazy Week!

Oh the tales I have to tell of this week. But it will have to wait a while longer - I just can't tap it all out on the blackberry! We are now without power from a storm last night. So, as soon as we have power I will share the tales!
Tapped out while on the go!

Monday, July 13, 2009

What We're Up To

We had a great field trip on Saturday to the Arkansas Post Museum. I intended to post pictures and details today, but it looks like I might not get a chance. Our A/C went out first thing this morning, so I'm trying as quickly as possible to get done what I must get done at home before the house heats up (forecasted high today through Wednesday is a nice, steady 103 before heat index). We'll be spending the hottest part of the day at church until it gets fixed.

We also have VBS this week! It started last night, and good things were said all around. I have the perfect job for me - the Teacher's Lounge! I help provide food and a "refuge" for the teachers and staff, so I get to do a lot of visiting. Yes, I've been told I have a cushy job, and I agree - it's not at all work! I had a great time last night! :-)

So, pictures and updates will come as we can get them to you!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Math Tricks

The other day my friend Mandy posted a comment asking if I had any math tricks to help the kids learn math concepts. As I was mentally processing what I would share with her that we had learned, it occurred to me that a blog post might be even more effective. I know many of you have handy tricks up your sleeve that might help the rest of us tremendously! So, consider this your invitation to share!

Math was Olivia's favorite subject until she had to start learning things like addition and subtraction. Yep, it was spoiled pretty quickly. To some extent, there's no way to get around the boring repetition of learning those facts, but here are a few tips we've tried as we've progressed through addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

- Flash cards are really pretty essential but can be so boring. So, here are some thoughts.
  • Try mixing it up. Try turning it to the side of the flash card that shows the answer but cover up one of the other numbers (an addend, the minued or subtrahend, etc.). Not only does it challenge them to think about the problem in a different light, but it also makes it just different enough to spark a new interest.
  • Try making it into a game by doing silly things like seeing how many weird voices you can use while going through flash cards, making designs with the flashcards that have been answered correctly (Olivia likes making flowers), or coming up with funny sounds and faces for right and wrong answers.
- Felt kits have been so helpful for us, but really anything that has sets that can be divided into groups can work. We've used blocks, crayons, M&M's, etc. Our felt kits (passed down from my mother - I think originally from A Beka) have a tree to use as the base, and then there are flying birds of two colors, ducks, pears, and apples of two colors. Here's what we do...
  • For addition and subtraction, I'll say things like, "Four birds were resting in the tree. Seven birds were flying. How many birds were there altogether?" or "Seven birds were in the tree and three flew away. How many birds are left?"
  • For multiplication, I will put equally numbered groups of birds or fruit in different places (in the tree, in the air, on the ground) and ask what the easiest way is to determine how many there are altogether. The kids just think it's the most fun ever, and they often ask if they can play with the felt pieces so they can do it on their own!
  • We also have fraction sets - pies divided into various numbers of pieces. All sorts of fraction activities from basic introduction to adding and subtracting fractions can be done with felt fraction pies.

- One of the most useful tools in the "formal" part of our school day is to just sit and do it with them. Some days Olivia just can't get through even a row of eight or nine addition problems. So, I act as her scribe. She still does all of the problem-solving, but I write all the answers. She just loves it! It also gives her practice with some of the terminology...for example, in 5,368 + 1,229, she has to be sure to tell me that 8+9 is "seventeen - write seven and carry the one." It reinforces the habit of carrying (or borrowing!) that one - something that can easily be forgotten.

The above ideas are most easily done when homeschooling, but can be implemented during homework and playtime if you don't homeschool. But, by far the most helpful math trick for me - and the one that can be done no matter how your child is educated - is life incorporation.

We use math daily and don't even think about it! Well, I've made it a point to start thinking about it. In doing so, I've been able to show the girls how real math is in every day life and therefore convince them of its importance! Here are some ways we do it...
  • Intentionally double a recipe and have your child calculate the needed portions. This can grow in complexity based on your child's knowledge level. For example, Olivia has enough familiarity with fractions that she can easily figure out how to double a recipe that calls for 1/2, 1/3, or 1/4 of a measure. For a bit of a challenge, I talk her through figuring out how to double 2/3.
  • Ask age-related questions. My girls love trying to figure out how old their siblings will be when they are at different ages. For greater mental challenge, add in your own age (yes, that means you'll have to admit it to your kids who will then make sure to tell everyone else!).
  • Whenever you have rows and columns of just about anything, ask your kids what the quickest way is to figure up the total. For example, anytime we make cookies, I try to use various sizes of cookie sheets and encourage the kids to make even rows of cookies. That way they can easily count rows and columns and decide to multiply for the total on each pan and then add up the sums for the total cookie count.
  • Find ways to have kids sorts things for you, divide them into groups, and then multiply. I needed my girls to sort and count some blocks so I could get an accurate count of how many of each type we had. Once they sorted them into colors, I had Angela divide them into groups of five and then count by fives to tell me how many there were. I had Olivia divide them into other group sizes and then multiply by the number of groups (seven groups of four each, etc). We sort and count multiple times in a week without even thinking about it. Let them help!
  • Keep kids posted on event dates. When they ask how many days until _________, tell them what the event date is and what today's date is, and then have them figure it out - younger kids can count by looking at the calendar and older kids can subtract. This also works with time, especially if an activity is scheduled to happen within the hour.
  • Have the kids figure out how many fish sticks or chicken nuggets need to be cooked based on how many kids there are and how many each child should eat.
  • Sit back and watch - they will start doing it on their own and teaching it to their younger siblings! And, you can sit back and smile knowing that the elusive 6x8 multiplication fact that they just cannot seem to get has now finally sunk in and will never be missed again!
I do want to share one more resource. I will confess, we haven't used it, but this looks great and I would love to hear input from any of you who have been using it. Sonlight has a DVD resource called Mathtacular that is supposed to be a ton of fun! The link is to the K-2 set, but there are other sets (in addition to a new one that my blog friend Luke and his cohorts are working on right now).

Those are our fun tricks. What are yours? I'd love to hear - any new math trick is always welcome in our house!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Keep 'em Reading

I keep reading tweets, blogposts, and general comments asking for suggestions and offering advice on how to keep kids interested in reading over the summer. I just can't participate in those discussions. Why? Because I don't think I could keep my girls from reading this summer! Any time there is a lull in activity around here, I can almost always count on finding them curled up with a book. Right now it's Little House on the Prairie books. Olivia just finished her second reading of the series, and Angela is a book or two behind Olivia on her first read-through. They love reading them and then pretending that Olivia is Mary and Angela is Laura - with "Laura" helping take care of "Mary" since "Mary" is blind. It's such fun to watch and listen! They have one book in the expanded series of Little House characters, and we're hoping to add more books to that collection. In the meantime, I think they're just bound and determined to wear out the original set. We've had to tape the binding on all of the books. What a delightful thing - to wear out books from so much reading!

I went to look for the girls in a quiet moment yesterday, and this is what I found...
(Yes, that is Angela inside her toybox reading. Olivia would probably be in hers if she could fit!)
Then there is this week's mystery. One afternoon this week after Steven had been coloring and cutting, the girls carried these two slips of paper to me to show me Steven's writing! I honestly did not believe them...I still find it rather hard to believe that Steven wrote these a's. But, the girls insist that they didn't, and Steven says he did! I still consider it a mystery...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Snapshots of Summer

Some days I really am ready to get back to a solid routine. But, mostly, I'm enjoying the fact that summer is just more relaxed, more spontaneous, and lots of fun. Yes, we're still doing school, but as we finish our last ten days of curriculum, we're doing a lot of picking and choosing. We haven't even worked in the school room at all since we got home from Kentucky! At first it was because we wanted to close that room off and not try to cool it since it was so incredibly hot outside. But even now as temperatures are staying much more comfortable, we just haven't gotten around to going back out there and getting the school room in order.

Yesterday we curled up on Olivia's bed and read four chapters from a read-aloud, three days' worth of science, and a day's worth of history. (And they begged for more - they just love it all!) Math got done in on-again, off-again spurts throughout the day. Spelling tests were passed orally. Some things are just falling by the wayside. And it's okay. They aren't going to miss anything. Sometime before the end of the month we'll finish all we have to finish, and then we'll spend the next few weeks enjoying read-alouds of our choice, getting books switched out in preparation for the new year, and finalizing all of our plans for the new year. It will be fun!

Meanwhile, here are some snapshots of Steven on these sweet days (I'll post a couple of the girls and their favorite summertime activity tomorrow)...

Steven rolling on his back and saying, "Get my belly, Mommy!" Now, how can I resist that?
Steven running up and asking, "Mommy can I do school?" Then he'll pick his favorite book - our science book - find a comfy spot, and "read" to his heart's content.
Steven loves to cut. So, that's been a frequent activity on these hot summer days.
Flying his "airplane."
Random shot - I just love my sweeties!

Celebrating Independence Day

How was your weekend? How did my American readers celebrate Independence Day?

We had such a fabulous 4th of July. We slept late, had a nice family breakfast, and then ran a couple of errands. Once we got home, Doug got the grill and food ready while the kids and I mixed up a batch of sugar cookies. Once the cookies were cooled, all of us sat down to decorate them while potatoes, corn on the cob, and steak all cooked on the grill. Yum!

After a delicious lunch and some rest time, we loaded up and headed to the pool to take care of some maintenance and have a late-afternoon swim. When we arrived, we were surprised to find that Alan and Shannon were home (they are spending most of the summer on-site where Alan works as a pipe-liner, which is why we're helping keep an eye on the pool)! They graciously invited us to go ahead and swim, and then offered to let us join them for some grilled burgers and brats! We really enjoyed the spontaneous fellowship! We came home, got in our baths and showers, and then enjoyed the fact that New York gets dark an hour earlier than we do by watching one of their fireworks shows on tv.

To be honest, the day didn't go quite according to the plans I'd tossed around in my mind in previous months. I had a book all picked out to buy and read to the kids on Independence Day - a book about the symbols and traditions of the holiday. We never bought it. Instead we enjoyed the freedom of being able to go and do and celebrate as we pleased and with whom we pleased - even spontaneously - without restriction or having to seek anyone's permission. I had several ideas printed out for crafts and activities we could do throughout the day. Instead, we just enjoyed the day as it came, and ended up having a great one. I had thought about going through the Declaration of Independence with the girls, discussing what it is really about. Instead, earlier in the weekend we prepared five Chinese New Testaments for mailing, leading Olivia to be thankful Saturday night for the fact that we are free to worship as we see fit.

It's amazing how the little details of a holiday like Independence Day can show up in our everyday life if we will be open to it. What's more important, though is the joyful realization that God has been teaching our family what it means to be free in Him - for without that freedom, national freedom means nothing.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


For those of you who either haven't found or are not regular readers of my thoughts blog...

This coming week I will be hosting my first-ever giveaway of a book I just reviewed. If you would like to participate, click here to read the book review post and leave a comment. All who comment by midnight CST Saturday, July 11, will be automatically entered into the drawing.

Stay tuned for more book giveaways in coming months!

Thanks for reading!

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Wackiest, Wildest, Weirdest Animals in the World by Jack Hanna

About three weeks ago we received a box from Thomas Nelson's book review program. When we opened the box, it was as if we were opening a treasure chest! And what was this treasure? Why, nothing less than The Wackiest, Wildest, Weirdest Animals in the World by Jack Hanna.

This colorful book is full of familiar and not-so-familiar wildlife. Divided into three categories, it begins with wacky animals, moves on to wild animals, and then ends with weird animals. Each page gives a synopsis of why each animal fits into its particular category and also includes a section listing the animal's preferred food, habitat, and typical adult size. Scattered across the pages are other fun facts about the animals. Although the book does not go into deep detail about the animals, it definitely gives a great introduction which I think is an inspiration to learn more.

Tucked into the front cover of the book we found a DVD with bloopers from Jack Hanna's Into the Wild. I confess that we have not yet watched the DVD, nor have we ever watched Jack Hanna's show. But, if the quality at all resembles that of this book, I can see that we would be easily hooked.

This book grabbed my kids' attention and has not let go. They have read and reread each page, pouring over the full-page color photographs of each animal. They have learned about strange animals they never knew existed like the echidna, one of only two monotremes (egg laying mammals). They have also learned new facts about familiar animals, such as the fact that a lion's roar can be heard up to five miles away!

My children give this book a hearty endorsement, as do I. It is fun education at its finest, and we all highly recommend it.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Abraham Lincoln

Thursday morning we loaded up and headed out of Louisville. Our goal was Hodgenville, KY, the hometown of Abraham Lincoln.

We began our touring at the Abraham Lincoln museum in town where we saw quite a few very interesting sights. Here are the kids reading a few books about President Lincoln.
This is a log cabin made from an assortment of cookies and candies in the gingerbread house tradition. The kids were fascinated as they tried to see how many cookie types they could identify!
We learned quite a few fascinating tidbits about the life of our sixteenth president.
There was also a room designated to kites! Although there was very little about Abraham Lincoln in this room, we very much enjoyed learning many factoids about kites.
Next we hopped back into the van and headed a few miles up the road to Lincoln's birthplace. Although I didn't get pictures of the memorial or the cabin inside, this is the path we took to go see a cabin that closely resembles the one Lincoln would have been born in.
This is the spring that led Thomas Lincoln to choose this site for his farm.
Lincoln's boyhood home was ten miles up the road from this location, but by the time we finished touring these two locations, we were hungry and ready to be back on the road. And, we were thankful we did! We got caught in traffic just outside of Nashville for about four hours! It was 9:30 before we rolled into Memphis for the night! But, we had one last restful night on the road and made it home just after 1:00 on Friday. It was definitely good to finally be off the road!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Louisville Slugger Factory

There were so very many things we would have loved to see while we were in the Louisville area. We could have spent the whole week simply touring the sights! We're hoping that someday we can head back that direction for a real vacation - maybe in a few years.

We ended up not going to the Creation Museum when we discovered that it was an hour and a half drive from Louisville. That was just a bit much considering how much we were going to be on the road as it was. But, we did make it to the Louisville Slugger Factory! We grabbed a snack and headed over there after leaving the convention late Wednesday morning.

In front of the factory is an enormous replica of Babe Ruth's bat!Inside we had the chance to tour the factory to see how they made the bats. We also were able to browse the museum. And, because we were there while the corporate employees were out to lunch, we were able to take advantage of the noon tour through the offices where we were shown a fascinating collection of baseball art.

Everyone got a mini bat as we left the factory tour.
And, we found a giant glove for the kids to play in after watching Doug take a shot at hitting in the batting cages.
The factory was definitely a fun attraction to choose while in Louisville!

Of course, from there we headed to Shah's Mongolian Barbeque which could, on its own, draw me back to Louisville! Talk about good food!