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Not Quite Ordinary Observations...July 16, 2019

Observations about Today…Tuesday, July 16, 2019 It's a gloomy, rainy day, although we are definitely not getting the rain that our neighbors to the south have gotten from "Barry." Even here in Arkansas, the heavy mess has not yet pushed up to the central part of the state. We're praying for those receiving the deluge.
An Observation about the Week It's our second full week of routine. We just had a break in the middle for PraiseWorks. Definitely a worthwhile break!

A General Observation
I love when we discover things about ourselves. Over the past week, two of my children have figured out a truth about themselves--something that, before clarified, was frustrating. Now that they've pinpointed what was causing the frustration, they are both ready and able to take actions that better fit who they have been created to be. I love that!
Something I Have Read or Heard
"Notice how similar the definition of liturgy is to the definition of habit. They're both som…

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