Monday, July 6, 2015

Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Monday, July 6,2015

In the great outdoors...cloudy and still very comfortable as we’re coming off of a weekend cool front ( low to mid-80’s). It’s supposed to be heating back up this week, but today’s forecast high is showing 90° (as opposed to the 95-97° I thought was forecasted!). So,maybe the reheat will be a little slower than expected.

Which is good, because we have a lot of work that needs to be done in the great outdoors. The owner of this house apparently loved to work in his yard, and he left bushes and flowers galore! Unfortunately, when a yard that was worked in a great deal is then left on it’s own for a year or more, it quickly goes crazy. We’re not really yard people, so I don’t know that we’d ever be able to re-tame everything. So,we’ll clean it all up and start from scratch with what we know we can handle. The kids and I are going to carve out some early morning time this week to get it done before it gets too hot.

I am excited, though, about keeping the hydrangeas. If I can just get them cleaned up (lots of dead sections, as surrounded by some monster weeds and overgrown bushes), I think they’ll be beautiful!

Oh, and there were chickens in our yard this morning! This time in the back yard after pushing their way through the fence. This did not include the white chicken we’ve seen in our front yard on occasion.

Within our four walls...real routine coming back this week. Yay!

A heart of thanksgiving...for the cooler weekend which allowed us to make progress in the garage and storage areas; for kids who so cooperatively bounce back into routine; for friendships.

A heart of prayer...for a long list of friends this morning; for a long list of salvation needs.

Random observations...the keyboard on my laptop is not functioning super well right now. Of greatest concern is the space bar. I’ve had to go back and insert spaces between many of my words this morning!

My silly children...are very, very quiet this morning. Hunting wabbits, perhaps?

Thoughts from the kitchen...maybe a quiche today. Or spaghetti. Not sure. Still need to get that menu plan done.

On my bookshelf (and Kindle) books Heartbreak Trail by Susan Marlow and Everyday Grace by Jessica Thompson.

Plus, we’re all trying to make sure we read on biography a month. Mine for this month is Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. And That Hideous Strength, last in C.S. Lewis’ space trilogy, is on my must reads list. I read the first two in the series forever ago, but got really bogged down in the second one and never finished the series. Doug tells me the last one will probably be my favorite, so I need to get back to it!

Projects...finishing up school orders today, then starting on lesson planning for the new year. Also, Angie and I are going to go through our fabric to make plans so we’ll get it used. We don’t have an accessible storage place for it here – just tubs that will have to be stored in a garage storage room (fortunately, there’s an A/C vent in that room for a bit of climate control!). That means it’s going to be really hard to see and grab for projects. So, we’re going to inventory and find a way to be aware of what we have so we can still utilize it well.

Sounds of the moment...Olivia finishing up the living room floor (loving the hardwoods!); Piano Guys music wafting in from the dining room.

From Hibbard Academy...still just the basics – math and language arts. Will probably restart read-alouds soon, as I think we got a little behind leading up to the move. Otherwise, just planning and prep.

A favorite thing from last week...getting to work in the garage, accomplishing a little more toward settling in.

The planner...a week with very few plans!! YAY! Even though we’re not doing full school, we’re going into the week very intentionally. Next week the girls will be off to Praise Works and Joy Works at Ouachita, so we’ll be out of routine again. But, at least we get a week of working through the kinks out of the way first!

Because visuals are fun...from our back yard.2015-07-01 13.47.50

Monday, June 29, 2015

Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Monday, June 29, 2015

In the great outdoors...a rather hazy day, with temps rising again after a slightly less hot weekend.

Within our four walls...a little taste of routine as chores have been reestablished.

2015-06-27 18.08.07

Yet, also as much rest as possible today. The past two months have been utterly exhausting. We are ready for rest!

A heart of thanksgiving...for air conditioning; for a less busy week; for the chance to begin to reintroduce routine and cement the settling-in process.

A heart of prayer...for a precious family leaving the only home their children have ever known. Since it’s a move from overseas back to the US, it will be a much more permanent goodbye than ours was. My heart aches for them, especially as today is a homesick day for my kids. So, I feel the mama tug of what my friends are dealing with on a much larger scale. But I’m also excited to see where God leads them next!

Random observations...I’m not a big fan of summer. Praying for a cool spell so we can work in the garage and the yard. 

My fantastic children...are rolling right back into the chore schedule without a word of complaint. So thankful for them!

Thoughts from the kitchen...leftovers, probably.

On my bookshelf...stacks reminding me of the need to reestablish a reading schedule.

Projects...this week the primary project is school stuff, I do believe. And a little preparation for joining a local AHG troop.

Sounds of the moment...a lawn mower outside; music wafting in from the living room.

From Hibbard Academy...planning and prep

A favorite thing from last week...Saturday night date night after a full week without much hubby time.

The planner...a couple of lunch dates/get togethers; a bit more progress toward routine.

Because visuals are fun...the dining room floor. Why? I have no idea. The picture was on my phone for some crazy reason. So, I thought I’d share it with you. Because that’s about where I am mentally today!

2015-06-27 18.07.49

Friday, June 26, 2015

Steven’s New Hobby

The other day, Steven came to get the Jenga blocks. Next thing I know, he’s calling me to his room to see the domino effect he’d created! Oh, how I wish I’d had my camera! It was really neat!

Then, he pulled out the dominoes to go with the blocks, and moved to the living room to create another display. He quickly learned the frustration that comes when you’ve made a great deal of progress, only for a domino to tip and set of a premature collapse.

Daddy to the rescue with some spare bookends, placed strategically along the path. Only one little section at a time could fall.


His final creation was a little hard to photograph because it wound under tables and around furniture.


The tail end, though, was a pyramid – a bowling pin setup, actually. Had it worked properly, the whole thing would have ended with a delightful “strike”!


Unfortunately, he accidentally bumped it, and it went backward. Which means it didn’t work right. This time.

We’ll help him build another one. His creativity is fun!