Friday, September 23, 2016

Mold & Braids

So, there was an experiment requiring mold. Several days before said experiment was supposed to be conducted, a bag with a roll and a banana slice was dutifully set outside in hopes of accumulating some mold.

On the day of the experiment, a frustrated high school student walked in disappointed because said bag of goodies did not produce one speck of mold. This was a rather shocking discovery, because in the same period of time, a partial loaf of artisan bread had molded much more quickly than normal.

The rarely squeamish high schooler was instructed to put on gloves and check the trash (not very full at the time) to see if, by some chance, the bag of bread had been thrown in the trash instead of tossed outside.


Followed by several interesting statements, such as:

Cool! That’s a lot of mold!

Oooh, and there’s some sort of worm in it!

Some of it’s green and powdery and other parts are shite and wispy! It’s cool!

Did I mention our household’s eldest is not squeamish? Perhaps I missed mentioning the fact that she has always kind of liked the things that other people would consider nasty, gory, gross, and repulsive.

Other people like her younger sister.

In fact, as descriptions of the “cool” bread and mold continue to flow throughout the course of the experiment, Sister exclaims from other side of room: “Ew! Yuck!”

Of course, this is when Sister finds ways to get her revenge.

You see, Sister, who is now of a legal age to join social media, has little interest in things like Facebook. Instead, she has recently discovered Pinterest. And she has found an endless supply of braid ideas and tutorials (among other things) on Pinterest. And she knows exactly how to use this wealth of information to torment her older sister.

The rule is that her daily electronic time limit applies for Pinterest as well as the Wii or tablet, and that if she choses Pinterest, she is choosing to not play on one of the other devices. She’s good with that.

On this particular day, said sister asks to play on the Wii. Mother answers in the affirmative…provided she does not want to play on Pinterest.

Sister responds that Pinterest is on hold until braid found earlier on Pinterest is tried out on Mold-Girl.

Mold-Girl’s distress call: “Why did you let her onto Pinterest!”

Revenge comes in many forms.

And personalities vary so greatly in this house. Oh how I love it!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Hibbard Academy: The Funny & the Serious

It’s quite interesting to observe and participate in the ebb and flow of a typical school day around our house. This week, we had the following two observations, literally back to back:

The Funny

All three kids are working through various levels of The Critical Thinking Co’s Balance Benders series. In our planners, these assignments are denoted with a “BB” followed by the number. So, for example, this week’s assignment is BB5.

All three of them have been on a countdown to the perfect Balance Benders assignment.

It will come in three weeks.

Some of you know exactly why that is relevant.

The rest of you, don’t worry. Just remember that we’re nerds, and leave it at that.

The Serious

Olivia has been processing through the birth and death of Christianity among the Mongols. Although there was severe persecution toward the end of the existence of the Mongol Christian church, it was not the persecution that killed Christianity and the Mongol church. It was tolerance.

Mongol Christians became tolerant of their culture.

Mongol Christians were not set apart. They instead simply blended in with the society in which they lived.

There was nothing different or unique about Mongol Christians as compared to the unsaved Mongol population.

So, when persecution came, they had nothing to stand on. No solid faith or theology. No strong community. No true relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Just their connection to same culture and society that were handing out the persecution.

That sounds hauntingly familiar. American Christians, we need to heed the message of history, lest we disappear in the same way.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Tuesday, September 20, 2016

In the great outdoors...birdsong on another clear, summer day. Humidity’s down a bit. That’s nice. 

Within our four walls...chore time!

A heart of thanksgiving...for God’s gifts of encouragement and prayer for one another.

A heart of prayer...for fellow ministry families

Random observations...autumn, according to the calendar, arrives in two days. I’m thinking about a road trip to go find a place where the calendar matches the actual weather.

My silly children...are apparently rather accident prone right now. I’m hearing about stubbed toes, trips on the stairs, dropping vacuum cleaner parts on feet, and sore knees.

Thoughts from the, what do you do when a recipe calls for one cup butter, 1/2 cup Karo syrup, and 2 cups brown sugar, yet your brain processes 2 cups syrup? You find something else to do with the butter/syrup mixture. Like peanut brittle. Yeah, that’s what Doug found and made. Yeah, it’s in our house. Yeah, I’m suffering from sugar overdose right now – I WILL resist today. But, it’s really yummy!

For lunch, though, we have something even better than peanut brittle – General Tso’s chicken bowls! It’s one of the more recent Oriental recipes we’ve encountered, and it’s a family favorite. My mouth is already watering.

On my bookshelf...nothing new this week. Making steady progress through God in My Everything, but I haven’t had as much time for fiction lately. That’s a flip-flop from normal!

Projects...getting caught up. I have a lot of writing to do right now. 

Sounds of the moment...the vacuum cleaner and washing machine running. So thankful for both!

From Hibbard Academy...we’re staying caught up in school, but last week’s extra full work week put me behind on grading. Fortunately, the kids are of the age that they can help grade a good bit of their own work. Unfortunately, they are also of the age that they have more subjective assignments, like essays and discussion questions. Those are SO beneficial, but not as quick and easy to grade. And that’s what’s left for me to catch up on!

Meanwhile, Olivia and I are about ready to throw German prepositions out the window. Angie’s working through a sign language course, though, and I’d love to catch up with her and practice with her. Not sure where that will fit in, since I really have to keep up with the German to help Olivia, but sign language is something I’ve always wanted to learn.

A favorite thing from last week...Friday afternoon rest. Learning to truly make Sabbath rest a priority in our family routine and rhythm.

The planner...well, somehow we had a mix-up on our calendars, and we marked this Thursday as our highly anticipated trip to OBU for the annual pastor’s conference. But,we got our Thursdays mixed up! It’s next week! Fortunately, that still fits. And, that also means that we have a rather routine week. That’s good. We need one of those.

Because visuals are, what do YOU expect to see in a southern US barnyard petting zoo? Why, a llama, of course!

2016-09-17 12.02.04