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Happy 18th, Olivia!

I have always said that I want to thoroughly enjoy every stage of my children's lives, not losing the treasure of today because I'm grieving the loss of my "babies." It hasn't always been easy to do, because those babies were so very cute! But, then I look at where they are today, and I'm overwhelmed by just how amazing they are as "big kids."
And today we get to celebrate the oldest of those big kids.

If you'd asked me to predict who Olivia would become and what she would be like when she turned eighteen, I would not have come close to describing the amazingness of the young woman my firstborn has become. 

The child who seemed to attract a mess wherever she went, who wanted to open every closed door—especially the locked ones!—and disassemble anything she couldn't figure out, who bucked structure, and who tested and stretched every boundary has become a young woman who has learned to channel every ounce of that curiosity into beautiful pro…

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