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Happy 16th, Angela!

Sixteen years ago, I'm not sure I would have believed that a child could literally be born all prissy and pink and frilly. Then I gave birth to my sweet Angela, and I couldn't deny it! From day one, this beautiful child has been the essence of a warrior princess. 

Pictures can never show the bouncy delight that this young lady expresses any time she's decked out in full pink frill. She loves her big dresses, whether it's the one she made or the full, fluffy, pink formal of her dreams. And somehow, she wears her tiara as if she were made for it. Yes, definitely the princess!

Of course, were she a princess, she'd give her kingdom a run for its money with her sass and wit! Oh, and there's that warrior side of her, too. The scissors disguised as a dagger (so innocently resting in her lap), a birthday present from her brother, are quite fitting. 

This princess still loves her cows (which I realized we didn't get into the photo shoot for the first time EVER--may…

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