Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Chasing the Moon

We usually don’t get up for a lunar eclipse, but when one occurs completely during normal waking hours, it’s hard to skip! The problem was that, as the moon set, it hid behind the treeline and we couldn’t see it from our house. So, about ten minutes before totality, we hopped in the car and drove to a spot where we could see it. We caught glimpses of the progress through the trees. But, we managed to come to a spot where we could see the moon and pull off the road right about the time it hit totality. It was fun to watch it go from an outline to a pink smudge in the sky to complete nothingness, disappearing in the sunrise as it sank below the horizon.

By the time we were able to snap a picture of the totality right above this building, it was visible only with the naked eye, not through a cell phone camera.

2018-01-31 06.52.11

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Friday Fun–Jan 26, 2018

Friday is our family Sabbath. Our day of obedient rest, remembering that we were not made to go 24/7 without rest and restoration. Because Friday is Doug's day off, homeschooling is flexible, and I have a wonderful boss who supports our need to balance everything, we've been able to adjust our schedule to allow us to switch our focus that one day every week. We’re still learning what this looks like for us – how we can truly rest both as individuals and as a family. When to be hermits and when to be social. How to meet the needs of the more and less interactive members of the family without compromising the needs of either. Here’s a glimpse into this week’s Sabbath explorations.

On Friday morning, we all enjoyed some individual nourishment time. Doug and I both had books to finish (that lovely climactic point of a novel!).

Steven enjoyed taking boxes and turning them into various forms of entertainment.


Angie, fully decked out in her poofy pinkness, pulled out the sewing machine to work on doll clothes.

2018-01-26 10.46.44

And Olivia sprawled out on her bed to continue hammering away at her novel – writing, not reading.

2018-01-26 10.46.16

Friday is also our dessert day. We had leftover challah dough and donut glaze that needed to be used up, so Steven suggested cinnamon sticks!

2018-01-26 14.01.49

With a lovely afternoon before us, we all headed outside for a rather hilarious girls-against-guys attempt at badminton. The kids have never really played a real game and are still learning – and it was a bit breezy, with nice gusts catching the birdie at very unexpected moments! So we all ended up getting as much of a workout from laughter as from actual playing!

2018-01-26 15.27.40

And yes, just in case you were thinking your eyes were deceiving you, Angela DID remain decked out in her pink poofiness – simply adding a cape for a little bit of warmth. It reminded me of the scene in Disney’s Robin Hood cartoon where Maid Marion and Clucky are playing badminton, holding their skirts as they do so! 2018-01-26 15.27.54The girls and I rotated at the serve, so there would always be two of us on the “court” at any time. The third had a very important job while waiting: making sure Smokey got her desperately needed attention! 2018-01-26 15.33.08

We always finish out Friday evenings with date night. The kids eat an early supper, then head upstairs to play something together until it’s time for showers and reading/bedtime while Doug and I stay downstairs and enjoy a just-us meal along with a movie, game, or whatever. I’m sure our Sabbath celebrations will change over the years as our life circumstances change, but for now, we sure do look forward to Fridays!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Things to Remember

The littles years were easier to write about. We all did everything together automatically, and I had to be much more involved in all of the activities of my children’s daily life. Not so much now that two are teenagers and one is fast approaching the teen years. Our engagement is just different. But, this is such a fun stretch of life that I do want to remember.

It just means a different kind of blogging. A kind I have to learn how to do and make the time for differently than before.

A kind of blogging that includes short, little clips of fun like this one…

“I’m having a little trouble understanding my assigned reading from The Hobbit today.” As she tells me this, Angela holds up our lovely hardback copy of the book. In Latin. Goofy child.