How Many Sillies?

The children were being quite goofy at the breakfast table, so I asked, “How many sillies do I have?”

Olivia quickly answered, “Seven!”

“Oh, so I’ve just not met four of them?”

“No, you’ve met all of them. We just have different layers of silliness. Girls have two and boys have three. They come out at different times.”

Steven’s response, in an offended tone: “Hey!”

Olivia had a quick answer. “Well, I had to come up with something for the seventh silly.”

That stopped me in my tracks. “You made all of that up on the fly?”


Now, at the risk of ruining the humorous moment, I must make an observation. All of this coming from Angela wouldn’t have surprised me a bit. She’s bit witty since the first words came out of her mouth. Olivia? Not so much. She takes after me. She has to think about her witty responses – they don’t come naturally.

But yesterday morning, it all just flowed.

Proud Mommy moment.


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