Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Monday, July 20, 2015

In the great outdoors...continuous heat advisory.  

Within our four walls...a little warm downstairs, as the A/C decided to go out in the wee hours of Sunday morning. But, we seem to have great insulation, and the upper level A/C still works. So, it’s not too bad – low 80’s. And, it looks like it might be a pretty inexpensive fix. Yay!

A heart of thanksgiving...for two A/C units; for friends who know a bit about A/C units and fences; for good friends in general; for a couple of days to enjoy my babies; for an apparent restoration of Internet after several days of little or none (makes my job a little challenging!)

A heart of prayer...for friends and family. So, so many needs.

Random nearer the big city is automatically crazier. I know living out in the country made it harder to get places, but living here makes it harder to get into a routine. There’s always something going on.

I suppose this is going to be a good lesson for us as a family. We can all learn better the lessons of choosing wisely, choosing quality over quantity, determining what is truly important, and truly learning the freedom of being able to say both yes and no.

My sweet children...are such a blessing to me. I really do love being their mama.

Thoughts from the’s too hot. I think this is the perfect time to teach the children about fasting.

On my bookshelf...I’ve been ignoring the bookshelf, actually. It’s been a crazy few weeks. Routine. I need routine! planning. It’s down to the wire now, and I’m not very far along! 

Sounds of the moment...not much. I think the dryer is running. Not the best idea when the A/C is out, but at least it vents to the outside. I probably should run a clothesline, but I don’t want to deal with that right now. So, the dryer it is.

From Hibbard Academy...planning, planning, planning. I believe all the books are in at this point. It’s just a matter of getting it all into My Well Planned Day. Once it’s in there, weekly prep will be much easier!

A favorite thing from last week...going to Arkadelphia to hear the girls perform with their respective WorshipWorks choirs. Oh my. I just love JoyWorks and PraiseWorks and the things that our children learn through those camps! Eternal lessons. Both girls always come back with a deeper understanding of how to use their talents to worship and serve Christ.

The planner...two more full weeks. This week we have a couple of normal days, then the kids go to Judsonia for a few days before school starts back. Next week, Olivia heads off to camp with the East End youth. That means lots of camp, but we felt it was important for her to spend this time with the new youth group.

Then, August. Wonderful, blessed August. August is being protected for an establishment of routine. We have to have that if we’re ever going to really settle in.

Because visuals are fun...the WorshipWorks gals. I just can’t say thank you enough to Karlyn and Chasity for letting Olivia & Angela be Almyrans for one more week. They’d been looking forward to this trip all year!

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Glad to see you're connected (internet) again :D I bet you'll settle into more of a routine once you get back to school. Are there many homeschoolers at your new church?


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