Breakfast Conversation

Kids: You know, crochet and contemplation come before housework and school in the dictionary.

Me: Housework comes before knitting.

Kids: Knitting comes before school.

Me: Chores come before all of that.

Kids: That’s why we referred to it as housework. Homeschool comes earlier, which is why we call it school. Work comes after everything.

And cats come before everything.

Writing comes after everything, but handwriting comes before housework and school.

And then there’s sleep, which comes after school and chores, but before work.


Methinks it might be a good thing we don’t structure our lives according to dictionary order.


Luke Holzmann said…
Heh. It's fun to see how easy it is to tweak things to be how we want even when using an "objective" standard as robust as the dictionary [smile].


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