Not Quite Ordinary Observations

Something about Today…Tuesday, September 12, 2017

It’s chilly. I love it!

Something about the Week

It’s mostly routine. And I’m discovering something about these routine weeks. After several months of chaos, my brain is having to retrain itself to handle routine. Work and the to-do list are no different, but it seems like the press is a little lighter. There’s room to breathe in routine weeks. Which is an odd feeling. And that can cause the brain to have to readjust in order to maintain productivity. Yes, that is definitely the struggle in these routine weeks.

But I’ll take it. Because I really like the routine!

Something I Have Observed

I make little notes and use abbreviations in my planner. They seem perfectly logical at the time, and I’m certain they will be perfect reminders when I return to look at them. Except that when I come back, they aren’t so logical. Instead, they look like they are written in a foreign language or an unbreakable code! You’d think I’d learn, but no. I keep on doing it.

Something I Have Read or Heard

“If you want to steward every season and derive the full benefit of each, give thanks in all things, and give thanks for all things. Train yourself in this. It doesn’t mean pretending everything in your life is good. It means trusting God, trusting him always, that he is able and willing to work all things, even the worst things, together for good.”

- Mark Buchanan, Spiritual Rhythm

It’s not new. It’s not earth-shattering. But somehow I need to be reminded constantly of this truth.

Something on My Mind

Hurricanes, wildfires, needs of friends, miscellaneous family needs

Something I’m Thankful for

The coolness of the last two weeks, growth, family togetherness

Something about My Kids

I really need to do more jotting down the funny things they do. Olivia did something last week that was so funny! We enjoyed it immensely. Now I’ve forgotten it. Oh how I love my big kids, though!

This was a cute thing. We had a little friend over for a little while last week. Steven helped him with homework while I worked. He came over a few minutes into it and said, “Wow, Mommy! It’s been a long time since my work was that easy!” I couldn’t help but laugh!

2017-09-05 16.16.46

Something I’m Working on

Rethinking the fiction writing. I have missed it so much – it’s been months since I’ve touched it. But I also want to get back to being more regular about writing on my blogs. It’s just a matter of choosing to spend fifteen minutes even when I don’t want to touch it unless I have an hour or more. I just won’t have that amount of time in this stage of life.

Meanwhile, I’m determining what I’m going to make for Christmas so I can get started on that. So many fun things to do!

Something from Hibbard Academy

A couple of weeks ago, I was overwhelmed. Still so much to do on the kids’ school planning. Then I made a discovery – I had not noted the things I’d already completed of Steven’s planning! Then, one night I got a lot more done than expected! As of right now, I have one thing left to plan: Olivia’s second semester of literature. That’s it! Ahhhhhh!!

Something That Makes Me Smile

“I have a birthday gift card! And it’s on sale!” – Angela

2017-09-07 10.02.16

Something Coming

We get to participate in an encouraging “Date Night” activity at church this weekend. Looking forward to it!


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