Chasing the Moon

We usually don’t get up for a lunar eclipse, but when one occurs completely during normal waking hours, it’s hard to skip! The problem was that, as the moon set, it hid behind the treeline and we couldn’t see it from our house. So, about ten minutes before totality, we hopped in the car and drove to a spot where we could see it. We caught glimpses of the progress through the trees. But, we managed to come to a spot where we could see the moon and pull off the road right about the time it hit totality. It was fun to watch it go from an outline to a pink smudge in the sky to complete nothingness, disappearing in the sunrise as it sank below the horizon.

By the time we were able to snap a picture of the totality right above this building, it was visible only with the naked eye, not through a cell phone camera.

2018-01-31 06.52.11


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