Arkansas Youth Chorale

For quite some time now, Olivia has really, really wanted to be a part of a choir that challenges her in the way her annual PraiseWorks experience challenges her. Well, back in February, we just so happened to find a choir that we thought might fit that desire.

Arkansas Youth Chorale was started five years ago as a place for youth from all over Central Arkansas to be able to come together for the purpose of learning and singing sacred music. The night Olivia showed up to sit in on a rehearsal and see if she was interested in joining, she was welcomed with open arms. And she has loved every minute since then!

The youth come from all educational backgrounds - public, private, and home education. Olivia has loved getting to know all of them. If all goes as expected, she will get to celebrate graduation next spring with several of these new friends. 

But, of course, the best part, by far, is the music. Olivia joined late in the year, after the other choristers had already worked for months on most of the music. She worked hard to learn quickly so she would have it all memorized in time for late spring/early summer concerts - like the one they had this past Sunday. 

My video quality is not great, but here's just a glimpse of the talent of these teenagers!

They finished off the year with a bang, singing "The Star Spangled Banner" to open the evening for the Arkansas Travelers last night, and they did a fantastic job! We were so proud!


Choate Family said…
This just makes me smile! What a sweet answer to prayer :-)

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