Twenty Years

Twenty years. Wow.

When I awoke twenty years ago this morning, I was a confusing mass of nervousness and excitement and wonder. I wanted everything to be perfect but also wanted to enjoy the special day instead of giving into the anxiety that seems to often govern such events. I knew that day was just a gateway - an opening celebration to the years of marriage to come. But, I never dreamed how quickly twenty years would pass!

Today, my amazing, incredible, handsome, fun, wonderful husband and I celebrate twenty years of marriage. We've walked through quite the journey in those twenty years, but I know with each passing day that there is no one I'd rather have walked the journey with than Doug. We've grown stronger as we've navigated the "downs" and celebrated the "ups." And, oh the delight of finding fun in the middle of it all!

Sometimes words fail me, and this is one of those moments. I just cannot fathom how to truly express the treasure that twenty years with Doug has been. So, I will simply leave it at this:

Happy anniversary, my love! Thank you for the blessing of twenty years of faithfulness and the promise of more to come. Thank you for the gift of a sense of humor that adds fun and laughter to it all. Thank you for the treasure of your love.  I love you!


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