Happy 16th, Angela!

Sixteen years ago, I'm not sure I would have believed that a child could literally be born all prissy and pink and frilly. Then I gave birth to my sweet Angela, and I couldn't deny it! From day one, this beautiful child has been the essence of a warrior princess. 

Pictures can never show the bouncy delight that this young lady expresses any time she's decked out in full pink frill. She loves her big dresses, whether it's the one she made or the full, fluffy, pink formal of her dreams. And somehow, she wears her tiara as if she were made for it. Yes, definitely the princess!

Of course, were she a princess, she'd give her kingdom a run for its money with her sass and wit! Oh, and there's that warrior side of her, too. The scissors disguised as a dagger (so innocently resting in her lap), a birthday present from her brother, are quite fitting. 


This princess still loves her cows (which I realized we didn't get into the photo shoot for the first time EVER--maybe because the dress and the tiara were the real deal!). She has a bed full of them.

She's also still the cat lady. She loves, loves, loves her cat. But, it doesn't just have to be her cat. It can be any cat. As long as it's a cat. (And I suppose being at home for pictures and able to include cats is the other reason the cows were able to take this year off!)

She also still loves anything yarn related. While she does enjoy quilting, it's the crocheting and knitting that she can take anywhere with her. She is never without a ball of yarn. And, if for some reason she accidentally leaves behind a crochet hoot or knitting needles, she will find something she can use. It might be a pencil or even her fingers. But, she will create!

(Oh, and for the record, that adorable orange cat looks rather small in the picture below. Don't let him fool you. He's just buried in the pink fluff. He's HUGE!)

Angela is still a very avid reader and is usually reading as she knits or crochets. In fact, her most common pose is on the floor, couch, or her bed with a book or Kindle in front of her, a cat in her lap, and yarn in her hands.

Last year was her first full year with Arkansas Youth Chorale, an experience which thrilled her to no end. She continues to work on developing her singing voice in hopes of doing something music related with her life. And she cannot wait until AYC rehearsals resume next week! (Anyone want to join her?)

This fall, she's adjusting to a new stage of life without her big sister and best friend around all the time, as Olivia headed off to college a couple of weeks ago. They are starting to learn what their "rest of their lives" adult relationship will look like. It will take some adjustment, which isn't always a happy thing.

But, they're both up to the challenge! And they will come out better for it in the long run. I have no doubt that the solid friendship they've always known will continue even as God's plan for each of them puts miles in between them.

I'm looking forward to seeing how our nerdy, brilliant, creative, thoughtful, sensitive, precious princess blossoms in the coming year. She is such a fun teenager already, and with each new thing she learns about herself, she becomes even more delightful. Oh, what a joy it is to watch our children discover more and more about who God has created them to be! 

Happy 16th birthday, Princess! You are a joy and a delight. You are beautiful in every way. Thank you for brightening our family in the most unexpected ways with your wit, your sass, and your utter joy. 

We love you!!


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