Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Tuesday, September 17, 2013

In the great outdoors...a great need for rain. We are praying for no storms, but we could sure use the rain.

Within our four walls...quiet, for the time being, which is nice. A few minutes ago my children were mooing the Razorback fight song. That seems to be the mood for today. Outside time, anyone?

A heart of thanksgiving...for a successful shoe shopping trip yesterday morning. That sounds a bit fluffy as I type it, but it really was a blessing. We now have two children in adult sizes, and it seems that companies have decided to stop carrying “normal” tennis shoes. But, all three kids quickly found great shoes at decent prices.

A heart of prayer...for rain; for the farmers; for extended family; for our family as we enter our “busy” season.

Random observations...Wasp stings are no fun.

My silly children...are learning French. Steven and Angela are working through the alphabet right now. Meanwhile, Olivia is keeping up with her Polish as well. I wonder how many languages we’ll mix up before all is said and done?

Thoughts from the kitchen...I went out with the Gleaners today for the first time in a few months, so Doug and the kids fended for themselves. So thankful for a husband who can cook quite well!

On my bookshelf...a new book! I just noticed it! My hubby must have slipped it up there when I was looking. It’s Tricia Goyer’s new book The One Year Book of Amish Peace. She has done a fantastic job with her Amish fiction, making sure to distinguish their legalistic beliefs and true faith. I’m excited to read this one!

Projects...planting black irises! My favorite flower. They grew wild in Jordan every spring. I loved it! We’d go out on wildflower trips as the weather started to warm up, knowing it would be just a couple of weeks before the rains stopped and everything turned brown. My mother-in-law ordered some black irises for me recently, and Doug found a nice big pot to put them in. Olivia and I will get them planted this afternoon.  

Sounds of the moment...Steven tapping at a keyboard, sending an email to someone. It’s his typing practice. We have a wonderful, secure email system for the kids, and it is beautifully reinforcing their typing skills.

(Click here for information about that email service, if you’re interested.)

From Hibbard Academy...I honestly don’t know what we’ll be exploring this week. I scheduled lessons and page numbers. I didn’t look at content this week. But I’m sure it will be fun!

A favorite thing from last week...a nice, relaxing Saturday. We even got to watch the Razorback game, something we haven’t had the chance to do in a while! That was fun.

The planner...well, yesterday was shoe shopping and meeting day; today was lunch with the Gleaners; the rest of the week looks like just school and work. My job has changed and I’m learning new things right now, so a “normal” week is a good thing!

Because visuals are fun...haircut time (aka, the only time he’ll let me spike his hair!)2013-09-14 16.36.06


I love the spiky look - so adorable :D


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