Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Tuesday, November 12, 2013

In the great outdoors...a blustery day as a cold front blows in. We hit our high around midnight. Lovely, lovely cold! We’re so excited!

Within our four walls...children running laps around the house. Inside, not outside. Who wants to run laps in 20+ mph north winds with a wind chill in the mid-30’s, right? Yeah.

A heart of thanksgiving...for great insulation in our house. We do have a small fire going, but the heater has not kicked on today.

A heart of prayer...for Doug over the next couple of weeks as he finishes up school obligations for this term; various church needs; the Choates as they spend the holidays in the village.

Random observations...we need guest reviewers at! If you’re a homeschooler who would be willing to submit a review (or two or ten) of your favorite homeschool product? It could be a book, a resource, or a curriculum. Here’s the form:

My silly children...have switched from running laps to walking around blindfolded. I don’t want to know.

Thoughts from the kitchen...fresh chicken broth! Oh yes – and pulled chicken too. I’m just more excited about the chicken broth. Doug put a chicken in the crock pot before we went to bed last night, and it smelled sooooooo good when we got up this morning. I have no idea how he seasoned it, but I can’t wait to cook with that broth! It is currently freezing in silicone muffin pans so I can pop out the 1/4 cup discs and have them ready whenever I need them. Sunday’s chicken ‘n dumplin’s ought to be very yummy!

On my bookshelf...books? Books? Oh yeah, I do enjoy reading, don’t I?

Projects...I’m almost finished with a Christmas gift! Yay! I made Angela a super-soft knit hat with a ponytail hole. It’s pink camo. Olivia will have one also, but hers won’t be quite as soft. It will, however, be TARDIS blue with sparkles. She’s already seen the yarn and fallen in love with it, so I think the lack of as much softness will be okay with her!

Sounds of the moment...the kids playing. Music. There might be some Christmas selections mixed in there.

From Hibbard Academy...Angie and Steven are finishing up their study on knights and are still exploring mammals; Olivia is taking an eastward swing for a bit of a focus on Confucius and China. We finished the evolution book (she’s asked for book two, just for the fun of it!) and are moving on to a general overview of science.

A favorite thing from last week...being home.

The planner...Doug and I both have meetings tonight – mine is a work meeting and his is a church budget committee meeting. Both of us will meet with great people, but I guarantee mine will be more fun! Friday we have a wedding, and Saturday we hope to spend doing some cleaning in the garage and some rotation of closet storage for greater efficiency.

Because visuals are fun...I’m so thankful for these helpful munchkins! I was so far behind on grading, thanks to catching up from vacation. They all pitched in and worked hard to help me catch up yesterday. We made a mess!2013-11-11 11.44.36


Oh I love the cozy kind of days you're describing - especially with something bubbling in the crock pot. Yum!


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