Because You Want to Know

Did you know that on cold, dry days when the heater has been blowing, flour can jump?

In fact, it can jump off the counter and onto your nice, clean shirt.

Especially when you’re wearing a shirt made out of flannel or a similar fabric.

No, I am not kidding.

Angela had just made a quiche for lunch. I walked to the counter to show her how to pick up the flour-covered Silpat, fold it over, and shake the excess flour into the trash without making a mess.

Except I made a mess without even touching it!

As I stepped close to the counter, Angie and I noticed the flour jumping. Yes, jumping! Popping like popcorn! Next thing I know, my black flannel shirt is COVERED in flour! It is from my neck down and all down my arms. The static from my shirt literally caused the flour to jump off the Silpat onto my shirt in the blink of an eye.

Science in action, let me tell ya!


Homeschool science at its finest ;D

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