Favorite Science Resources

Homeschooling friends! Do you have favorite science resources? Could you do me a HUGE favor and write a review for me this month? Actually, go first to http://hedua.com/reviews/category/science/ to see if the product has already been reviewed. If it has, pick your second favorite! If it hasn’t, here’s what I need:

  • 300-500 words (curriculum reviews can extend to 1000 words) including pros and cons
  • basic info about what the resources contains (such as “hardback textbook, 520 pages; lab kit”)
  • publisher & author name (and info, if available)
  • source website for the product (preferably the product as found on the publisher’s site)
  • publisher’s price
  • publication year of the particular item you are reviewing (even if it’s been updated, use the date on yours)

I think that’s it. You can submit the review here: http://hedua.com/reviews/write-a-review/ anytime this month. (I’ll have a new topic next month!) If selected, your review will be published in March. (And don’t be scared of the “if selected” statement. We definitely have HEDUA standards, but we typically work with guest reviewers as long as the product has not already been reviewed – even if we need to correspond with you about clarification or other editing needs.)

Thank you so much in advance!


Choate Family said…
You always have the best ideas for resources and curriculum, friend!

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