Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Tuesday, March 10, 2015

In the great outdoors...dark and rainy, but not quite so oppressive after getting to enjoy a few days of sunshine last week!

Within our four walls…right now, getting ready for the morning. By the time I get this published, it will probably have changed dramatically!

I was right…now we’re winding down for the evening. Kids are headed to their rooms for unwind/book time.

A heart of thanksgiving...for friendships; for time away with Doug; for a renewed energy that I haven’t felt in a while.

A heart of prayer...for several friends with doctor’s appointments today; for farmers to have wisdom as a new season rolls around; for wisdom for our family.

Random observations...this article hits the mark: MKs and Relationships

My silly children...were actually happy to have us back home on Sunday. I love that our children really do like to be with us. 

Thoughts from the kitchen...spaghetti today. And Angela cooked. I like having big kids who like to cook. Now if I could just get them to like menu planning…

On my bookshelf...a variety of books. Need to get back to my reading plan.

Projects...Dixie Jackson Missions Offering writing; learning to knit socks (fun – and much easier than expected!); hoping to get back to more sewing soon. 

Sounds of the playing.

From Hibbard Academy...back to school! Olivia is getting a good start in Algebra I, and we are all progressing well through the respective cores. Read-aloud time remains our favorite, and I’m already pondering just how to keep Olivia in the read-aloud loop next year when there are no longer any scheduled in her curriculum. Read-aloud time with each child is a precious thing.

A favorite thing from last week...a weekend away with Doug. No real plans beyond Table for Two Friday night (which was fantabulous!). Just us doing whatever we wanted on whatever schedule felt good at the time. It was absolutely wonderful!

The planner...back to routine this week after being off school last week. It looks like we’ll actually even be able to have church tomorrow night! We’ve had to cancel Wednesday night activities three weeks in a row due to weather.

Then, this weekend, we’ll enjoy Families on Mission day at the Little Rock zoo.

Because visuals are fun...2015-02-21 14.22.22


HA! Love that quip in your last photo ;D
And thanks for the link to the MK/TCK article - so well said. Hurray for you and Doug getting away together!


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