Happy Birthday, Olivia!


Fourteen is the year she’ll start high school. She’ll probably learn to drive this year. And she’ll be in a full-fledged youth group for the first time…complete with boys. Whatever will we do?

What will we do? We’ll continue to watch her grow in every way. It has definitely been fun to watch her grow over this past year!

I don’t know that a whole lot has changed in the past year – just deepened.

She still loves most of the same things she loved last year. She’s making progress on that novel, and she’s learning to pace and schedule herself so she can get it written.

She’s discovering what it feels like to be a young lady – still fully her own person, not caught up in the aspects of girliness that she’s never enjoyed. But, discovering little things like the fun of experimenting with make-up and slightly more grown-up (but not too grown-up!) clothing styles.

But, she’s not too grown up for her siblings. Despite the different interests Olivia & Angela have developed, they still have such a great time together. And, Olivia is delighted that Angela now shares her love for Doctor Who. Olivia started back at the very beginning of the reboot to watch through with Angela. Fun stuff!

And she and Steven have such a sweet, sweet bond – she takes care of him and he adores her. He loves to dog pile on her, especially first thing in the morning. And, just today when Steven seemed a little melancholy, Olivia snuggled right up behind him and gave him a few minutes of her undivided attention, just to make him smile.

I love seeing Olivia continue to develop spiritually. She’s like me in that she is not one to ask questions very often. But, she loves to ponder. To talk things out. To make observations. And, when she’s asked a question, she’s going to figure out what she thinks about it!

In the coming year, Olivia’s practical way of thinking will probably be challenged. She’ll have to learn when to stand firm and when to rethink. She’ll also need to learn how to be tactful and loving as she shares her strong opinions. But I have no doubt she’ll rise to the challenge. She’ll make some mistakes and see some successes. But, she’ll grow. And I’m excited to watch.

Happy Birthday, Olivia!
We love you and are very proud of you!


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