A New Stage of Fun

Sometimes it's easy to forget that I have a senior and that life is about to change. We just go through day to day life, and everything's normal.

Then I get an e-mail with a graduation deadline or another senior events pops up on the calendar - or my "baby" girl hops in the car to head off by herself to another activity - and I'm reminded. And once again there is this odd combination of my heart screaming, "I'm not ready!!!!" and an overwhelming sense of excitement about her future.

Yes, this stage of life brings tears as I realize the changes that are coming. I'm going to MISS that girl! But, wow - this is so much fun, too!

It's true. The days are long, but the years are short. And, they really do grow up so fast. And, yes, there are times when I miss them being little and able to curl up in my lap.

But, I have said before that I love every stage because every stage brings something new and exciting. And, going through this new stage is proving that once again.

It's not easy. Even in this stage, the days can be long - and some hours are longer (like when she's on the road by herself!). But it definitely is fun.

And I'm so incredibly proud of that girl!


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