The New Adventure

Recently, I gave a Happy New Year greeting on my personal blog. Not because it was New Year's Day. In fact, I was about a week late on it. But simply because it was a new beginning for me.

That's a bit how I feel here, too. It's all new. It's been so long since I've regularly posted anything more than our celebration photo shoots, so this feels like a fresh endeavor. Not a continuation of what was started eleven years ago, but a brand new adventure.

Of course, in all honesty, it is a brand new adventure. When this blog started, I had littles. Now I have bigs. Really bigs. As in, I'm now the shortest in the family (Although with Angela it does depend on how each of us is standing at the time and who is wearing the thicker-soled shoes. 😉 She's only got me by about a quarter of an inch.) As in, they'll all three be teenagers this year. As in, one is leaving for COLLEGE this year. 

So, where do I start? I start as if it's a beginning. A fresh introduction to the Hibbard family. Ooh, and do you know what that means? It means I get to redesign the look of the blog and start new habits. Of course, it also means being intentional about choosing to make time for such things.

It means going back through pictures and seeing that we really do still do fun, blog-worthy things that I'd like to remember.

And it means being intentional about processing through the very real changes that are coming in our family over the next five years. Yep, it really is a brand new adventure!

So, yes, even halfway through January, may I wish you a happy new year and a fresh welcome to the insanity of the Hibbard family.


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