And so it begins...

Welcome to our blog! I hope that you'll enjoy little insights into our days.

Yesterday we were able to enjoy something we hadn't enjoyed for a while - a sunshiny day with enough warmth for outdoor play! When it has been warm enough to be outside, it's been too wet. When it's been dry, it's been frigid! Not exactly the typical Southern winter we're used to! The yard is still too soggy to get to really run around in it, but that didn't stop us. Doug made a quick run to the store before work and surprised us with a couple of brand new tubs of sidewalk chalk! So, we took the chalk and some bubbles out to the back patio and just soaked up that sunshine!

Here are a few more snapshots from recent weeks...

My three sweeties watching Bugs Bunny on the computer while Doug and I rearranged the living room and playroom.

The kids got season one of The Muppet Show from their grandparents for Christmas, and that is their favorite evening viewing pleasure these days. So, one or two nights a week, we gather on the futon couch for an episode of "show," as Steven calls it.

We celebrated National Puzzle Day last month with new puzzles all around. Even Steven joined in on the fun, for at least a few minutes!


Summer said…
What a great family! Welcome to blogging. Keep it coming.
Summer (Gilbert) Palmer
Hey Ann!!! Good to see you again, we keep finding each other then losing contact again, maybe through our blogs it will get easier. Your kids are adorable! be blessed!
rachel (caldwell) leite

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