Blessed Weekend

I have to tell you - our weekend was wonderful! For those of you who didn't know, Doug had been asked to fill the pulpit at a church in Arkansas. It was to be our first weekend to not have a "home" church anymore, so Doug agreed and put it on the calendar. Then my mother jumped on the idea of us traveling and took the opportunity to offer to "sacrifice" and keep the kids at their house! :-) So, it went from a weekend of being on the road again to our first ever opportunity to be away from the kids over night! What an amazing blessing! I was a bit concerned about Steven, but he was amazing! We gave him hugs and kisses and told him bye, and then when he realized we were leaving he gave one little cry of "Mommy!" and started to run to me. He got halfway to me, told me he loved me, and then ran back to his Legos, happy as could be! He dove in and proceeded to entertain and delight his grandparents and great-grandparents to no end for the rest of the weekend. What a blessing! Doug and I had a great trip, thoroughly enjoying a kid-free drive, trip to Mardel, meals, and night in the hotel. God really touched and blessed the whole weekend, and we are so thankful!

Oh - and just to get a little chuckle out of a few of you - Doug preached from behind a clear pulpit this weekend!!!!! :)


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