A Sigh and Some Praise

I thought I finished Olivia’s shrug this afternoon. I put in the last stitches of the bodice as she read aloud to me, and we decided that she needed to try it on to see if she still wanted sleeves. It looked so cute without them, but we wanted to see if the look worked with the dress it was being made to be worn over.

When we finished the “just us” reading (her last read-aloud for this core is The Hobbit, and Steven and Angie have decided to join us for that one), I sent her to try the shrug on before calling the other two in for read-aloud.

It didn’t fit. Too big. Can I tell you how many times I stopped and measured and adjusted the pattern and measured again? Yeah. Didn’t matter. The back is far too wide for her, and by the time it reaches the shoulders, it just hangs off of her. I almost cried. It’s not like a sewing project where I can just refigure some seams or make adjustments in other ways. This has to be totally taken apart and redone.

With some measuring, I realized the front (the harder part), is right, and the base of the back will work. It just needs to be progressively narrowed up the back. Fortunately, the back is stitched separately. So, I have started taking out the stitches in the back and have a plan for making this work. Hopefully.

It frustrated me. A lot. But then I remembered a few things.

  • People’s lives were unexpectedly turned upside down yesterday in Boston.
  • A precious friend struggles with back pain that kept her from leaving on a long-anticipated mission trip last week.
  • Two friends struggle with sudden news about serious health problems with their parents.
  • My own father is learning first-hand the struggles of being a care-giver.
  • Several parents I know are heartbroken over issues with their children.

This list goes on and on and on.

Yet, in the middle of praying over all of those needs, I also lifted up a prayer for something as insignificant as fixing a problem with a crochet project. And you know what? After I prayed, the correction idea popped into my head. For the record, I’m not taking credit for the idea, especially if it actually works! But I’m rejoicing in the fact that even as I pray for the big struggles of life, the little things that pop up can be prayed over as well. And as God quickly answers those little things, He reminds me that He’s just as able to answer the big ones – and He will.

What a reason to rejoice…and keep praying!


That's a good reminder, Ann :D

Choate Family said…
You hit the nail on the head!

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