How I love this child…


Steven and Angela can dig in the dirt, paint, cook, or do any number of other things and come out with hardly a spot on them. They do get dirty, but it takes effort.

Olivia, on the other hand, attracts mess. She will step outside for five minutes and come in needing a full shower.

All she needed to do earlier this week was put a second coat of paint on her Lego table (pictures of all the Lego tables coming as soon as they’re all done!). She was using a sponge paint brush, and didn’t realize that we considered the brushes disposable. She tried to clean hers. The result? Blue hands! As in, it looked like she was wearing blue gloves.

This picture was taken after she had scrubbed her hands for a good five minutes!

She still has blue on her hands, four days later. I just can’t help but chuckle. Yep, I love this child!


Choate Family said…
She and my Benjamin are TOO much alike!
That blue reminds me of Braveheart - at least it's her HANDS and not her face!


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