Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Thursday, December 12, 2013

In the great outdoors...bright, beautiful sunshine! It’s warming up – actually up to 40 today! Heat wave!  

Within our four are started to appear under the tree as creations are finished. I haven’t been able to get pictures of all of them this year because the kids have worked a lot by themselves. But I will get pictures after Christmas!

A heart of thanksgiving...for answered prayers for my friend Joanna; for friends from church whose company we’ve been able to enjoy more than usual this week; for a warm house; for the cold and ice that will hopefully reduce the mosquito population.

A heart of prayer...for friends needing to make a major decision; for Joanna as she continues to recover from malaria & cellulitis; for peace to reign over the busyness of this season.

Random seven-year-old used the word “delectable” today. Correctly. The funniest part? When I asked him where he learned the word, he said, “I don’t know. I made it up!”

My silly children...need to be outside. It’s sunshiny and 40. They’re going out for a little while!

Thoughts from the kitchen...I’ve eaten way too much this week. Christmas parties can really do a gal in, especially when one of them offers phenomenal steaks! Oh. My. Word.

On my bookshelf...books waiting for Christmas break when I plan to read something just for the fun of it!!

Projects...I bet you can’t guess!

Sounds of the moment...rustling around as the kids find hats and coats.

From Hibbard Academy...sloooooow progress. We intended to have school three days last week and every day this week. Last week I ended up with laryngitis, so we just worked through what we could. This week it has been one thing after another. We’re still making progress, but I think I might call next week a lost cause. Sewing time!

A favorite thing from last week...enjoying an unexpected Sunday at home. I love our church. I really do. But when ice led us to cancel service out of concern for safety, we suddenly had a wide open day. It was so incredibly nice in the middle of two busy weeks. Thank You, Lord!

The planner...This has been Christmas party week! We ended up not having the senior’s party on Tuesday because of illness, but we’ve enjoyed being with the men’s Sunday school class and the deacons. Tonight it’s our Sunday school class. Then that’s it for this year! It’s been a busy week, but it’s a lot of fun to get to go to all of the parties.

Because visuals are fun...I must show you my most exciting accomplishment of last week. It’s two-fold. 1) A clean sewing desk. Yeah. I couldn’t get to the sewing machine before I tackled the desk. It was time. 2) A permanent work space! I love the flexibility of working with a laptop, but I really needed a base work station. As I cleaned off the sewing table, I realized that the end of the sewing table that is built for a second machine would be perfect for my computer. I’m so excited! It’s been wonderful this week!2013-12-07 12.08.36


Hurray for organization (your desk/work area) and for the flexibility of homeschooling :D

Too funny that we both ended up with a Sunday "off", and enjoying the slower pace at home. I bet it's pretty rare for a pastor and family to get a Sunday off!

Happy sewing/crafting,


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