Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Wednesday, May 7, 2014

In the great outdoors...building, burning, and rumbling. Construction is in full swing across the street, and they are finally burning the huge pile of trees they cut down months ago. In the backyard, meanwhile, a fence is going up! Fun!

Within our four walls...finishing up chores and such before school starts.

A heart of thanksgiving...for awesome kids; for men who will give freely of their time to do for us and others; for a relatively normal week.

A heart of prayer...for the Choates as they readjust to life in the village; for a friend who fell and broke his kneecap a second time; for a church member who is very ill; for the farmers; and for the gunk going around our house – gotta love allergies.

My silly children...whisper when they speak to me when I have laryngitis. Every time. I love it! And yes, that is part of my crud this week.

Thoughts from the clue. Nothing exciting. Nothing creative.

On my bookshelf...finally started A Draw of Kings last night. It’s one of those books that has a very complex plot, forcing me to read it slowly to catch everything. It also picks up immediately and doesn’t stop until the last page. That’s why I’ve put off reading it, even though I have been dying to get it read.

Projects...birthday presents. 

Sounds of the moment...rumble, rumble, rumble – hear the prairie rumble.

From Hibbard Academy...independent work only today. Mommy can’t read aloud or teach with no voice. Fortunately, I have great kids who just roll right on with the flow of it. By now they’re used to the fact that I get laryngitis at least twice a year.

A favorite thing from last week...things going more smoothly than expected. That always helps!

The planner...normal week, then to my parents’ on Saturday for a Browning family gathering. No big plans for Mother’s Day. I like that, especially since we’ll only have one more week before May gets REALLY crazy.

Because visuals are’s a bunny for you, Mom! A gorgeous Angora rabbit. She just recently had a hair cut. The lady said that 6-8 ounces of Angora fibers are currently selling for about $50. Feeling this bunny definitely showed me why! She was so soft!2014-05-05 16.53.20


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