Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Thursday, May 15, 2014

In the great outdoors...deliciously cool for mid-May. Very wet after a great deal of rain over the past few days, but today the skies are clear and the sunshine is beautiful!

Within our four walls...chores being finished up after sleeping in a bit this morning.

A heart of thanksgiving...for the rain; for our church family; for peace.

A heart of prayer...for the farmers as they evaluate field damage after all of the rain, for productivity as the to-do list grows and the time to complete it shortens, for a myriad of requests related to family and friends.

Thoughts from the kitchen...yesterday we got to enjoy soup one more time! We love soup, but we don’t enjoy it when it’s warm. So, we really expected that to be behind us for a few months. Yesterday’s 50’s proved us wrong! Oh, it hit the spot!

On my bookshelf...I finally got to read Draw of Kings, book three in the Staff and the Sword trilogy by Patrick W. Carr. Stayed up too late one night finishing it, in fact. Good series.

Projects...birthday presents! Writing projects! Must get done! 

Sounds of the chattering as they finish up chores.

From Hibbard Academy...We’re almost done! We’re going to take a REAL summer break this year. I need it! I’m so ready!

The planner...tackling everything we can to be ready for Doug’s graduation next week. So excited! So proud of him for persevering through so much to get here!

Because visuals are fun...well, I was going to share a fun picture, but it doesn’t seem to have transferred properly from my phone. So, you’ll get it later!


Ah, a real summer break... so looking forward to it ourselves! And hurray for a day of sleeping in :D


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