Happy 13th, Olivia!

I did it. I blinked. And now I’m the mother of a teenager!


She keeps promising me she’ll be a good teenager. And I believe her. Why? Because of what I see in her life.


She is growing in her relationship with the Lord. She has so much to learn, and her love for Him drives her to keep learning it all. I love watching her mind process and evaluate and search and grow as she learns more about Him and His Word!


She loves her family. She gets annoyed with us at times, but she really does love us.


And she loves discovering who God has created her to be. Not who  her peers think she should be. Not who anyone else thinks she should be. Just who God created her to be.


That’s why I look forward to these teen years. It’s uncharted waters, but we can’t go back. Why not delight in going forward?


But, a look back is fun now and then, don’t you think?


In the last year, my sweet Olivia has changed her favorite color a few times. Purple is still nice, for those situations when she needs to choose a girly color. And camo still ranks pretty high as well. But royal blue tops the list now. A certain Doctor might have something to do with that.


Yes, Olivia has been sucked into Doctor Who fandom. She is currently enjoying David Tennant and getting to know Martha. I’m looking forward to seeing her face during one particular episode. I won’t say which one…spoilers! But let’s just say a really awesome mystery will be revealed. One she won’t even begin to expect. Heehee. So much fun! But, she’s also learned that she loves fantasy of all sorts. And mysteries. It’s been delightful to find new books for her!


Olivia has discovered another love this year, something you’ve seen fruit of here. My precious left-brained child who has always HATED anything having to do with writing is now writing for pleasure. A novel (or maybe a series). Blog posts (coming soon). Reviews (which you’ve already seen). I never expected her to pick up my love for writing. I never wanted to push that on her. But I’m so excited to unexpectedly share that love with her!


This year has also seen the beginning of intentional piano study. But she’s not learning piano simply because she likes it, although she does find it enjoyable and relaxing. She is learning piano as a way to focus on learning music while she waits for a chance to take violin lessons. We’re definitely praying over that one!


The silliness, of course, has not changed. As I type, she is sitting in the recliner near me reading the middle of a new book. “I don’t like reading the beginning because it’s too slow.” When I argued that she wouldn’t know what was going on, she told me that she just makes it up. Oh, this is all after she reads the end. Goofy child!


Olivia, no matter how silly you get, you are a delight to me! I’m so thankful for you, and I’m excited to see who you become through your teen years. You are a treasure. Thank you for being who you are!


Happy thirteenth birthday, Sweetie! We love you!


Woo-hoo! Congrats on entering the teen years - we're having a great time with ours (most of the time ;D )

Anonymous said…
These pictures are soooooo awesome. What a beautiful and elegant granddaughter. I'm soooo proud of your outward and INWARD beauty, Olivia. Love, Nanny
Olivia said…
A suprising episode of Doctor Who! Oh bother. That sounds scary. I love you, too!


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