Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Thursday, August 14, 2014

In the great outdoors...another beautiful summer day. I have always dreaded August with a horrific dread. I’m actually enjoying it this year.

Within our four walls...chores finished early. Doug using Calculus for Dummies (a review book!) to dispel fear of calculus in Olivia. (That makes this math-dreading mama smile.) Steven shooting nerfs. A freshly steam-cleaned school-room carpet. Angela finishing little things in her recently reorganized/rearranged room. She’s the one who is least inclined toward rearranging. But, she had an organization problem to solve. So, on Sunday, she and Olivia holed up in her room, figured out a solution, and implemented it over the next few days. It was fun to watch!

A heart of thanksgiving...for this beautiful summer; for a forecast of rain; for a smooth start to school; for a menu plan; for the incredible privilege of being a part of Home Educating Family; for my amazing husband and children; for the peace of contentment.

A heart of prayer...for friends/family and their various needs; for school; for all of the rain that comes through to be gentle and to fall in the right places; for our aging vehicles

Random observations...

My silly children...don’t know how much fun they are. I love the silly things they say and do. I love their antics. Sometimes they do get a little overwhelming…okay, so maybe a lot overwhelming. But, I can’t imagine how dull life would be without their chaos!

Thoughts from the kitchen...Doug can always work wonders with. Today he took leftover rice and leftover calzone filling (ground pork and veggies in a creamy/cheesy sauce) and mixed it all together to create a delightful rice casserole. Mmmmm…

On my bookshelf...several review books to tackle.

Projects...robes for the girls; Angie’s birthday present. 

Sounds of the moment...the swishing of Steven cleaning the ceiling fan in this room.

From Hibbard two of the new school year! A lot of newness, from curriculum to separation of children to schedule. We are trying out more of a “period” schedule right now to help me get a good grasp on how long assignments take each child. Yesterday our new schedule endured the typically first day challenges – introductions required more time. It seems that our Thursday schedule worked perfectly. So, I look forward to seeing how tomorrow flows.

A favorite thing from last week...seeing Steven thoroughly enjoy himself at Cub Scout Day Camp and seeing the girls’ great work on the quilts they made with Mom.

The planner...not a whole lot for the rest of the month. Pretty straightforward. I like that.

Because visuals are fun...I shared these on Facebook, but for everyone else, here are the girls’ scrap quilts…

2014-08-08 11.53.50

And here are Steven’s accomplishments – first place in the archery contest and second with the BB gun. (He was in a skit a few minutes before in which he was a law enforcement officer.)

2014-08-07 12.59.14


Choate Family said…
Love the beautiful quilts and the beautiful girls that are holding the quilts!
Everyone has been busy and productive at your house lately :D Congrats to Steven on his marksmanship, and well done to the girls on their quilts!

And best wishes to you on the new school year. We've got two more weeks yet...


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