Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Tuesday, August 19, 2014

In the great outdoors...real summer is here. So thankful it waited until late August.

Within our four walls...everyone seems sleepy. Well, almost everyone. Steven seems to have all of the wakefulness the rest of us lack.

A heart of thanksgiving...for rain yesterday. I love rain.

A heart of prayer...for encouragement where it is lacking – a struggle that seems to be shared by multiple people in various forms of ministry right now.

Random observations...Choffy is good. The cats drive me crazy. Wow, my muscles are tight right now! The gravel parking lot across the street that has been smoothed multiple times is pretty rutted this morning after yesterday’s rain. The tag is coming loose on the cloth binder I use for school.

Random enough for you? That’s how my brain is working this morning. It’s going to be a very interesting day.

My silly children...have a certain way of saying, “Daaad-dy!” in response to Doug’s teasing. I can tease them, but I rarely get a similar response. I got it this morning. I was so proud!

Thoughts from the kitchen...not only do we have a menu plan, but now Olivia has 30 minutes blocked off in her school schedule to help with lunch every day. It’s nice! I’m not sure what’s on the list for today. But, Doug’s going to be gone unexpectedly, so it might change today.

On my bookshelf...a whole lot of things I am determined to intentionally make time to read, especially now that I’m starting to see how the schedule is translating from paper to real life.

Projects...robes, birthday presents, same old stuff. About time to start thinking about Christmas. 

Sounds of the moment...clacking and banging. Chores seems to be holding interesting noises today.

From Hibbard Academy...first full week. Tweaking. Adjusting, but realizing that this year’s schedule was actually much more successfully planned than I expected! I love it when God guides and I actually pay attention.

The planner...just home. School and work and church. That’s it. For two weeks in a row. How did that happen? I don’t know, but I’ll take it!

Because visuals are fun...Napoleon the Penguin well dressed and in his carriage. Drawn by two camo-capped horses, driven by a cow and a puppy. Ah, the delight of watching my children play!2014-08-15 08.44.412014-08-15 08.44.52


Love your random observations! And hurray for having Olivia help with lunch. I need to get my boys on KP duty more often!


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