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For Today...Tuesday, March 29, 2016

In the great outdoors...a real spring, I do believe! Down here in the south, spring always seems to rush in and out, with everything blooming all at once in a short amount of time and temps rising from the “winter” 30-50° range to the 70-80° range with little in-between. This year, we’ve had gradual blooming and temps in the 60’s for much longer than usual.

That might explain why allergies seem so much worse than usual this year for so many people. We’re not used to real spring!

Within our four walls...quiet diligence at the moment as independent work is completed.

A heart of thanksgiving...for bright sunshine, flowering strawberry plants, and disappearing white on the Bradford pear trees.

A heart of prayer...for the many people in our church struggling with one major issue or another; for “our” farmers to have functioning equipment and great timing as they face planting season; for health.

Random observations...I didn’t post last week. Hmmm. It just passed me by, I guess.

My silly children...were thrilled to get a John Williams piano book last week. They’ve each picked a piece they want to work on, and they process through it each day after finishing their required practicing.

Thoughts from the kitchen...ready to enjoy meals again. March has just not been a fun month in the kitchen. Fresh start for April, coming soon (hopefully!).

On my bookshelf...hope to finish Risen soon (good book, just limited reading time). Still need to get that reading habit back going again – as soon as I meet my upcoming writing deadline.

Projects...the writing project. Yep. With just a few weeks left, it’s down to the wire now.

Oh, but I am making progress on the temperature afghan here and there – usually in little school moments when we’re discussing or doing reading comp questions. Here’s the first square – January through the first few days of March. There’s a lot less blue than I expected, since we were continually warned that this was going to be a frigid winter. Instead, the light green and cream (warmer colors) were fairly common.

2016-03-29 10.58.04

The bottom looks off because it was folded under a bit and also has a dark border. But, the truth is, the whole thing is a bit “off.” Just a reminder that I’m still a novice at knitting. My stitch count might be right, but keeping the same tension is not so easy. In all honesty, that’s kind of why I’m doing this. To improve my basic skill and get regular practice instead of hit and miss projects here and there.

I did decide to not just do the slip stitch squares. If I were following the color pattern outlined in the pattern, I’d keep going with identically stitched squares. But, since it’s more about the various temperature-based colors, I’m going to vary the stitch skills. Square #2 is going to be a cable knit square. I’ve been wanting to practice for a while, and this is a perfect opportunity! It’s actually turning out to be easier than some of these slip stitch sections. Still not great at keeping my tension consistent, but I’m working on it!  

Sounds of the moment...piano practice going on in the next room. New song = just a few wrong notes.

From Hibbard Academy... “More, pleeeeease!” I used to HATE read-aloud time. I did not enjoy reading aloud or being read aloud to. But, I made myself do it in those early years, and now I treasure that time. Last week, I couldn’t resist when Angie asked if we could go ahead and finish The Golden Goblet. Then, this morning, Steven begged for one more chapter in Moccasin Trail. We can always double up on history and grading tomorrow!

The, work, writing, school, work, church, more school, writing, and work.

Because visuals are’s been a long time since Angie wanted the sponge rollers. So fun! And so BIG! (Her wavy hair normally falls to the middle of her back.)2016-03-16 07.21.53


I always love these peeks into your family life :D I'm so curious to see how your temperature blanket comes out!
And, oh, reading aloud... we could read all day, but Math, etc.
Mary Ann said…
Started my day out good getting snippets of my Hibbard family! "Your" farmers are all in high gear. Gary's semi-retirement is so-far, so-good. His rice is planted & we got a soaking rain last night so now he has to evaluate the levy/possible wash out status. I love how the kids are teaching themselves piano!! Remarkable kids! I expect a concert on our next visit which is way over due! Love to all!

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