A New Puzzle

The kids and I enjoy doing spatial reasoning puzzles together every Monday. It’s our “do something fun to get the brain going on a crazy Monday” activity. We usually do it in the mornings, but today the schedule insisted we do it after lunch.

It’s funny to watch the kids as they learn new puzzle types, because the various types show how differently their brains work. One child will be great at a puzzle another child despises. We found Slitherlink puzzles to be the type most agreed upon by all the kids. We finished our last Slitherlink package last week, and this afternoon Olivia and I were looking for a different puzzle type to do. But, everything we could find produced disagreement among the kids. Then we noticed that the site we get our puzzles from – krazydad.com – had a puzzle we hadn’t noticed before. It’s called Galaxies.  The shapes have to be rotationally symmetric. So, first we had to figure out what that meant! It means that when you rotate a shape 180°, it will be positioned as it was when it was in its original position.

I love challenging our brains this way.


Choate Family said…
Wow! I think we'll look up that website when we return to America. Looks great :-)

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