Easter Pictures

Okay, so you didn't really think that the few pictures I posted on Monday were the only Easter pictures I took, did you?! RIGHT! Yeah, like I could even consider restraining myself. I don't even consider myself a true amateur photographer, but I just can't help trying to snap those cute posed pictures every Christmas, Easter, birthday, and any other chance I get.

Here are my favorites. I originally was going to put them all in one post, but there were just too many. So, today, tomorrow, and Friday will be dedicated to posting all of my favorites. Thanks for indulging me! :-)


Ruthanne said…
Very cute!

Did you make the girls dresses?

No, a friend from church got those for them. I've been looking over them, though, to see how I might replicate them! :-)
Choate Family said…
I don't think your kids can get any cuter!

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