Just to let you know, Doug made it safely to Kansas City. He was pretty tired last night, but seemed to have a good trip and a good evening. He had some meetings last night and today is touring around Kansas City looking at some missions opportunities. He is sitting down right now to an Indian taco (American Indian, that is). He just sent me a picture of it. It looks pretty good!

We're doing well around here. Last night around supper time, Steven knew that Daddy should be home but wasn't. So, he walked over to my phone and said, "Can I talk to Daddy on this phone?" Once he talked to Doug for a minute, he was fine. This morning he was pretty emotional when he realized Doug wasn't home when he got up. But, he got to talk to Doug about an hour later and has been fine since. The girls have commented that they wish Daddy was home, but they don't seem to be having problems. God has definitely been keeping things nice, even, and calm around here. Thanks to all who are praying!

Yesterday afternoon was a beautiful "play in the yard" kind of afternoon. Here's Steven practicing his tennis serve...


I love his, "Oh Man!"

Very cute :0)


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