Family Day

I remember a time in the recent past when family days were few and far between for us. We were fortunate to have them once every couple of months, and we had to turn down many a social opportunity just to make sure we got a family day now and then! What a blessing it is now to have regular family days. Our goal is to have one to two days every month that we are just home together. Often it's more, but we really start to miss it if it's less.

Saturday was one of those family days. We slept in, had a delicious breakfast prepared by Doug, and then headed into a very nice day. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so we all headed outside to work in the yard a bit. Thanks to storms and winds through the winter, our yard was full of sticks and fallen limbs. So, we gathered them all up for Doug to burn. Everything was so wet that it was a bit of a challenge to burn them, but Doug got it done, teaching Olivia a good deal about safe fire management in the process.
Two big helpers...
...and one really prissy one!
After most of the limbs were gathered, I headed back inside to make some loaf bread, French bread, and biscuits to freeze. After lunch we settled in for a relaxing afternoon.

I sat down on the floor to cut out some pattern pieces, and the girls began playing with the scraps. They designed all sorts of clothes and had a fantastic time! We enjoyed just being down on the floor together.
We ended the day with movie night at church. Although it was a small crowd, we enjoyed getting together for pizza and a movie.

All in all, a great Saturday...and a reminder of what a blessing it is to have the privilege of spending time together as a family!


Choate Family said…
What a treat! What are you sewing up these days?

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