Our Week

How has your week been? Ours has been a little different...slow in ways, busy in others, and just, well, different. Allergies, storms, days off, and little adjustments. That has been our week!

Monday was normal enough. Tuesday dawned with Doug heading to Monroe early to pick up some donated items for Monticello's new crisis pregnancy center. That always makes things a little different - kids waking up to Daddy being gone. Then the storms hit, and the kids were a little nervous thanks to the exceedingly loud thunder. We talked about the clouds praising God, and that seemed to take care of it for them! After all, the Psalms talk abundantly about creation praising its Creator! :-)

Tuesday also brought our new cell phones. Doug had a time trying to convince AT&T that we really were eligible for upgrade and renewal (they messed up our contracts when we moved down here). Doug's current phone was falling apart. My phone, which had never been quite as good on battery power or reception, was very steadily declining in usefulness. So, Doug began to work with AT&T to straighten things out so we could replace our phones. Once he convinced them that we never signed a new contract when we moved, they finally agreed that we were due for an upgrade and renewal, but only from the physical store or over the phone. If you've never shopped online for cell phones, you've missed quite the bargain. A $350-400 phone bought off the shelf can reduce to about $70 in the store or over the phone, but it reduces to FREE online! So, once again Doug did a little convincing, and finally managed to get them to allow us to shop online to get our free phones! Woo-hoo! Free BlackBerry phones, nonetheless! We are a bit overwhelmed by the new technology but very excited at the improved quality - and very blessed that everything worked out well.

This week has also seen a change in my organizational habits. Doug and I have tried for years to use planners and such, but have never really figured it out. A couple of months ago, though, Doug got a planner that really seemed to fit the bill for him. Since then he's rarely gone without his planner, and he's been able to keep things so much better organized! Spurred on by his example and by the fact that good planners are greatly discounted right now because we're a fourth of the way through the year, I decided to try one more time. I started with an old cast-off planner before I agreed to let Doug buy me one of the bigger, nicer ones, but I quickly discovered what a help it would be to have the big one. What's the difference between now and all those other attempts? Well, um, we're using the planners "our" way instead of trying to fit the mold of organization experts. Sometimes we need to learn from the experts, but other times we need to be ourselves!

Wednesday we had a "just not up to it" kind of day. The girls had been asking all morning to get to play outside all afternoon instead of having school. Knowing it was going to be stormy on Thursday - and knowing that I just didn't have much in me thanks to the effect the azaleas near our carport had been having on my sinuses - I agreed. I checked a "just not up to it" day off our trusty "day off" chart, and we enjoyed the afternoon.

Thursday brought our second stormy day with nearly torrential rains (the subsequent heavy downpour seemed quite tame in comparison!) and plentiful thunder and lightening. I just had to grin when Steven ran in to me and said, "Mommy! The clouds are praising God!" He was listening!

We took Thursday off as well, and made plans to head to the church with Doug to help set up for this month's movie night. That's always a fun outting!

Which brings us to today. Back to normalcy, for the most part - and, yes, we'll have school today. The sun is shining and the weather is gorgeous, so I'm sure several various parts of our day will include some treks outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. Meanwhile, we look forward to our weekend and celebrating Palm Sunday. Have a beautiful weekend yourselves!


Choate Family said…
I would love to know how you make the planner work for you!
Ruthanne said…
You made me tired just from reading about your week, so I can imagine how drained y'all were! lol

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