The Light at the end of the Tunnel...

...was not a train after all! :-) There were a few doubtful days, but all is falling into place. We were miraculously able to move into the house Saturday and now are working hard to steadily unpack. We are all worn out, but determined to get it done. But, we would be several days behind where we are now were it not for all of the help! Moving day was amazing, and I will have to share soon how it all fell into place.

But, for now, our internet - although supposedly hooked up - is not working, and repeated calls for help are as of yet unanswered. So, since tapping all of this out on the BlackBerry is a bit tedious, I'll save further updates for the time when we have internet.

Thanks for praying! The prayers have been felt!

Tapped out while on the go!


So glad to hear you're IN!


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