Remaining House Pictures

It's taken me a while, but I finally have the rest of the house pictures ready to post! I don't have a picture of the outside yet - I'll get to that next week!

Here's the family room from the kitchen...
...and from the hallway toward the kitchen.
Our bedroom.
The utility room.
The dining room/school room (there are a few more bookshelves to the right of the heart wall-hanging).

And here is the library/sewing room, looking into the dining room.
We are delighted to say that every box (with the exception of household decor that currently would be packed away anyway thanks to Christmas decorations) is unpacked! YAY! We still need to do some organization in the laundry room and in the tool shed off the carport, but otherwise, everything has a place. I'm also excited that, so far, the tidiness you've seen in the pictures is being mostly maintained. Even as we were unpacking, the only clutter was unpacking clutter - if it had a spot, it stayed in it for the most part! The battle is coming, I know, as we get back into the normal school routine. But, it's so much easier when we start off with it clean!

Today we put out our Christmas decorations...a few pictures of that will come tomorrow, hopefully!


Looks very nice and homey :0)

Glad you're settled in, in time to enjoy the holidays,


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