Okay, so I changed my mind. No Christmas decorating post today. Thanksgiving comes first, right? So, here are a few pictures of our Thanksgiving fun.

Pumpkin bread! We found a scrumptious recipe online, and I put it in my pumpkin pan. I don't know how clearly it shows up, but there is a fence surrounding a crop of pumpkins. Isn't it cute?
On the day before Thanksgiving, the girls were such wonderful helpers as we worked to make sure the house was clean so we could get up and decorate first thing on Friday. Before bedtime Wed night, we made the kids' Thanksgiving hats. Olivia and Steven wanted to be Indians, and Angela a pilgrim.
Thursday morning, they were all ready to don their hats and head to Monroe!
Olivia loved getting to help Grandma work in the kitchen - like making breadcrumbs!
The girls enjoyed getting to play with cousin Morgan.
And after dinner, we had three great helpers on the kitchen clean-up crew!There are so many things to be thankful for. The girls made Thanksgiving turkeys this week, listing some of the things they were thankful for, and reading their lists just melted my heart. God has been dealing with me in recent months, reminding me to be more thankful and joyful in all things. This season is such a good reminder for that. I pray that all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are blessed as we roll into the Christmas season!


I love the Thanksgiving hats - so cute!

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