Still No Move

After our delay of last weekend, we put a halt to most packing and have just tried to stay sane. The blessing was that we got to be away from home for three days this week. The kids headed to Monroe with Doug's parents Monday morning while Doug and I headed to Benton for the AR Baptist State Convention's annual meeting.

Oh, how wonderful it was! It is so incredible to be a part of a group of churches and individuals who are truly working to further God's kingdom. We feel that we gained much to both help us move our church forward and spur our church to involvement with the work of the convention. We also feel that our time there was well-spent. We came home utterly exhausted, and yet renewed at the same time. It was definitely energy well-spent, both on behalf of our church and for our own strengthening as pastor and wife.

Then we came home. Today was supposed to be day one of moving, working through the rest of the weekend with the final things moved on Saturday. But, all of that stuff that was supposed to be done Saturday and Monday wasn't touched. We have been told that we can still move in on Saturday, but we are skeptical. After being stoutly promised that we could move last Saturday and then today, we are not putting too much stock in the "commitment" made to us. I must confess, it has been a good lesson for our children (and a good reminder for us) of how important it is to keep our word and hold to our commitments. The girls are seeing first hand how it hurts when people do not hold to their word. Although the circumstances are making it hard for us as a family to know what to do right now, I am finding that learning experience to be a blessing.

Yes, I'm very much trying to practice rejoicing right now, and it is definitely hard. But if I can't rejoice in little things like this, how could I ever rejoice in truly bad situations? So, I continue to make that my goal.

Please pray for us as we balance all of this. Here are a few specifics:

Doug's wisdom on balancing work and the move. He has the vacation time, and has technically used less than half of it between our mini-vacation and the days he has taken for this move. But, even with vacation days there are things that come up for a pastor. And, many of those things seem to be hitting right now. So, he's torn between taking his vacation time to help here while taking care of business via email and phone as much as possible and being in the office to take care of things.

As of tomorrow we use up all of the scheduled time off for school. But, with the exception of a few things, school boxes are currently buried somewhere in the back of the church trailer. So, please pray that we will be able to catch up quickly.

Instability affects certain members of our family very greatly. Those members have held up pretty well, but are now beyond their limit. Those who handle it a little more smoothly are struggling now as well.

Thanks for praying!

Our internet will be shut off here tomorrow, so we'll be back to update as soon as we get moved!


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