Celebrating Steven

I can honestly say that I did believe people when they told me it would fly by. But, believing something still doesn’t keep my head from spinning when it actually happens. As we celebrate five years of Steven today, my head is definitely spinning. The past five years have flown so quickly!S9

In so many ways, Steven is the same sweet little boy he’s always been. He’s still a mama’s boy who loves his puppy and his silkies. He still loves all things boy: balls, trains, cars, tractors, airplanes, space shuttles. He still isn’t huge on getting dirty and trying new things. But, he’s also still full of energy and vitality and isn’t afraid to go forward into life full force.


He is still a verbal processor. Actually, that might be too narrow of a description. I think he’s a kinetic verbal processor. When he’s going over something in his mind, he not only talks it out, but he incorporates every muscle in his body. When he’s excited, he’ll jump up and down so much while telling us something that we can’t always understand what he’s saying! He just gets so excited! One thing’s for sure – that little brain is always going. He doesn’t miss much!


And, he’s still very silly. But, I don’t think he can help that. It’s in his genes.


This past year has seen a lot of changes, though, too.


Since turning four, Steven has experienced the joy and challenge of having local friends his age. That has been fun to watch. He has also soared academically. He has learned to read, write, and do addition and subtraction. Teaching him has become phenomenally easier through the course of this year!


And, of course, he has gone from being terrified of the water to being an all-out water bug. He is now jumping off the diving board with no floatie – with close supervision, of course. I almost want to cry when I see how proud he is of his water accomplishments!


His household chore participation has expanded this year, and he got his first paying job. We talked just today about learning to spend his money wisely – he’s got a pretty big wad of it in his money pouch! He already knew about giving an offering, but we’ve tried to start teaching him about a tithe, too. He doesn’t quite get it yet, but he does it cheerfully.


There are days when he feels a little frustrated to be the only little boy in the family. But, his big sisters are still his best friends. He adores them, and he loves sharing life with them.


The past five years have been such a delight. Words can’t express how delighted I am over God’s give to us in this sweet little boy. Part of me hates the thought of him growing so quickly, but the other part of me is so excited to see what God is making of this precious life. I’m so proud to be his mommy!


Happy birthday, my precious Steven! We love you!


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