Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Monday, August 1, 2011

Outside my window...I don’t even know – other than another heat advisory. The shades are closed to keep out as much of the hot sun as possible.

I am thinking...that there are several projects I need to get going on!

I am thankful for...summer because it makes me much more appreciative of fall and winter. That was my FB status first thing this morning as I asked the Lord to help me count my blessing instead of complaining.

I am knit capris, pink tank over a white cami, hair about to go up in a twist.

I am creating...hopefully one of these for myself very soon, but only after I get one of these (view C) made for Angie for her birthday. Oh, and a plan for helping Olivia make a sock doll for Angie for her birthday. Fortunately, I’ve gotten a few of the “tricks” figured out by now!

I am slow I was when I first started cooking. Trying to use that memory to remind me to help Olivia get the practice she needs. It just might have to be when we’re not trying to work other things into our day!

I am have to skip writing a book review post on my other blog this week. I read a book over the weekend and planned to review it this week, only to find out that I was two weeks early! Don’t think I’ll get another one finished by tomorrow.

I am reading...two biographies of George Washington Carver (one for school and one for review) and one of Johann Gutenberg (for school).

I am hoping...for a break in the heat and rain. I know I say that a lot, but oh how we need both!

I am hearing...the ceiling fan and the ticking of a clock. Hmmm…all three kids are up, which leaves me wondering about the silence.

On my mind...not much, sadly. I’m quite scatterbrained today.

From the learning rooms...a short school week in honor of a visit from Aunt Alli! (And there was much excitement and rejoicing!) We will only have school Thursday and Friday, and that will mainly be catching up on some science we didn’t get done last week and starting our new read-aloud. Happy week!

Noticing that...time is flying. In a crazy way.

Pondering these words... From the finer things to the shirt on my back, the less I have the less I lack. ~Downhere from the song “For Life”

From the kitchen...fresh bread baking right now. Oh, and for lunch we had salmon burgers – first time to try them, and they were good. It’s kind of like the difference between a hamburger patty and a good steak – the salmon burgers definitely weren’t as good as a salmon filet, but they were still 100% salmon and were MUCH cheaper than filets. Definitely a much more affordable way to eat salmon now and then!

Around the house...several “put away” projects, from school books not needed right now to some sewing stuff to miscellaneous things stacked on the laundry room counter.

One of my favorite Downhere music combined with being reviewers. Sneak peaks are fun!

A few plans for the rest of the week...visiting with Alli over the next couple of days; trips to the pool; fellowship dinner with the awesome ladies from the book study group; sewing for Angela’s birthday.

A picture worth sharing...there’s something about playing in a closet. I remember doing the same thing with Legos and Little People – and I remember loving my brother’s closet the most, too.DSCF0164


Hope you get some relief from the heat, but it sounds like a good week anyway :D

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