Couch Cover

Well, it’s done! I didn’t have enough fabric to take it all the way down the back and cover the arms, but my in-house fashion experts assured me before I started that it would be just fine. I wasn’t even planning on making one – I had looked online for covers and found that they weren’t going to be too awfully expensive. But, this couch is an odd size. It’s not a full-size couch, but in loveseat terms it’s oversized. So, when I was looking for fabric for a couple of other projects, I ran across some that I thought would work for this – naturally derailing the other projects until I got this one done!




I think I like it. Of course, I’ve always been pretty partial to blues.


Good job, Ann! I've always heard that's a tough thing to make - well done!

Of course, I'm partial to blues myself ;D
Thank you!!! It was tricky, figuring out to handle all of the curves and turns, and it's far from perfect. But, I am really pleased that it turned out decently!

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