I won’t bore you with all of our decorating pictures, especially since I don’t have any pictures of the decorating results, just the process! But, there were a few things I just couldn’t help but share.

For a couple of years we’ve debated on whether or not to put the tree in our front room with the big window (I love Christmas trees shining out of big windows!). But we just like to have it in the living room where it’s nice and cozy with the fireplace.

This year, though, we were given another tree, so we decided to put one in each room! With all of the ornaments Doug and I have from our childhood and the ornaments we’ve collected over the course of 15 Christmases, we had plenty to fill both trees! All we lacked was an extra tree skirt. I wasn’t concerned, but Steven was! He was very adamant about using one of his blue blankets as a tree skirt. (Hmmmm…can you guess what old Christmas cartoon he’s watched a time or two lately?) So sweet!!!


Each child picks a nativity every year to set up in their room.

Olivia likes the Button Kids Christmas Pageant.


Angela likes a ceramic set Doug’s mom made years ago.


Somehow Steven’s didn’t get into a picture, but he picked a Jordanian one carved in one piece. The bark was left on the wood for the stable, and then the figures are carved inside.

Last year we found mini trees at an after-Christmas sale. Steven’s is red, Angie’s purple, and Olivia’s white. The girls just set theirs up, but Steven wanted to reserved just a few tiny ornaments for his.


This one had to have a tree skirt also…one of his beloved silkies!



Choate Family said…
Training that boy right - got to have a tree skirt! (Don't tell him we don't have one. We like our beautiful tree stand so much, we leave it plain.)
Alright, Joanna, now I want to see a picture of your tree stand!

Ann, I love that they each have a nativity in their room!

And two trees - that's great! I think we'd also have plenty of ornaments for at least two ;D


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