The Blustery Day

Anyone remember this?

The scene actually running through my mind was the one of Piglet being blown by the wind as the leaves swirled all around him, because that’s what it looks like outside our house today!

Fortunately, no whole trees are down around us…yet…so Owl still has his house. The trees around here have to grow in stout spring winds, so they root well. But, there are some that have snapped in half. Our lighted nativity was a casualty as well, but the wind is too strong and cold to try to discern damage right now. That will have to wait until tomorrow! The power went out sometime before the beeping battery back-ups woke us up around 2:45 this morning, but it was back on by 5:00. I don’t know how they did it in this wind! Thank you, Entergy linemen!!

As the wind rages around us, we are snug and secure in our sturdy house, getting ready to sew, sew, sew! I might even share some sneak peeks tomorrow!


Boy have we had the wind, too! I'm kind of surprised our power stayed on. Glad you're cozy and snug :D


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