A Glance Back: Valentine’s Day

I forgot to share our Valentine’s Day pictures! We really don’t make a big deal of many holidays, Valentine’s Day included. But, we did do a few fun things to celebrate. I have my brilliant hubby to thank for most of the ideas. I love that! He really does make life fun for the kids and for me.

We didn’t make Valentine’s cards for anyone outside the family this year, but we had fun making them for each other. Doug and I got up that morning and hid cards around the house for each of the kids. Then, he made a sweet Valentine’s breakfast for us. My plate included heart and tulip pancakes as well as a heart-shaped omelet.


The kids each got a heart and another shape specially made for them. One of Olivia’s nicknames is Boo, so she got pancakes spelling out Boo. (Yes, we bought a Halloween cookie cutter for that very purpose. It’s fun!) Apparently I picked the wrong picture because her heart pancake isn’t on her plate in this one. She did get one, though!


Angie got a butterfly.


Steven’s was a three-part train.


After breakfast we dug into the Valentine mailbox. My mom made this box many moons ago when I was growing up, and we inherited it. The kids enjoy stocking it up every year.


In addition to cards they had made for us and each other, each child found a card letting them know that they needed to search the house for its companions. Such a simple thing, but it brought them such delight! They helped each other hunt while Doug and I offered tips and hints.

After our morning fun, it was time to move on with a normal day. But, we did stop at lunch to read Voice of the Martyrs’ The Story of St. Valentine.

The Story of St. Valentine: More than Cards and Candied Hearts

Simple celebration, but lots of fun. That’s the way I like it!


Sounds like a fun, family Valentine's Day!

I made a giant heart-cookie for my guys, and pulled-pork sandwiches (meat-meat-meat!)

That reminds me - I promised Steven cookies this weekend. And now I'm craving BBQ. Mmmmmmmm....
Choate Family said…
We just got this book!

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