God’s Handiwork

My camera and very limited photography skills could never capture the beauty God displayed in yesterday morning’s sunrise. It was absolutely breathtaking. Even though these pictures do not begin to capture the beauty, I’m sure your memory can fill in the rest.

A rim of gold down low, topped with pastels, the color surrounding the trees and buildings between us and the horizon. Not long after the sun rose fully, the entire sky was overcast, but at the time of the sunrise the clouds were just beginning to build, so all of the colors bounced around balls of texture and color. I just wanted to stand and stare.


In mere moments, it changed, the horizon becoming more of a solid glow while the clouds above turned even more colorful. This picture just shows an orangish pink against a dark sky, but I saw a bold blue sky dotted with clouds of purples, pinks, and yellows.


Before long at all, the sky fully brightened and the colors faded. But my thankfulness didn’t. God didn’t have to create a beautiful sunrise, but He did. He established nature itself in such a way as to display breath-taking beauty for our joy, to turn our hearts in praise to Him. Oh how He loves us and lavishes that love upon us!


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