Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Monday, June 2, 2014

In the great outdoors...cloudy at the moment. The grass is getting high, but we have continued to have a great deal of rain, so the yard is too wet to cut the grass. Hopefully tomorrow.

Within our four walls...quiet. It’s early morning as I start this. I’m sure the dynamics will change before I finish! (Yep, I was right. Finishing this up a couple of hours later, and there is much silliness within the four walls now.)

A heart of thanksgiving...for home; for life in a location where it doesn’t take an hour to drive just a few miles; for the generosity of others.

A heart of prayer...for a teen from church recovering from back surgery; the farmers; the Choates as they are once again without e-mail connection to friends and family.

Random observations… “Do or do not. There is no try.” Unless you’re a mom. Because when you’re a mom, you really do start doing. But then come ten million interruptions. And the doing doesn’t always get done.

My silly children...have seen fit to inform me of every cat antic, every stubbed toe, every sunflower seed found buried in the couch, every funny conversation held between each of them and one or both of their siblings, and a myriad of other things. And we’re only thirty minutes into the morning. I’m not so sure about this “summer off” thing.

Thoughts from the kitchen...looks like spaghetti and breadsticks today. Need inspiration. Need a menu plan.

On my bookshelf...I started Tricia Goyer’s Songbird Under a German Moon while on one of our trips, and I’m sure I’ll be reading it in bits and pieces as I have the chance this week. I’m also reading through my My Blog Plan planner. It starts in July, and I’m so excited! My summer goal is to get both blogs back in order.

Projects...Angie needs a summer robe, and there are some other sewing projects I’m ready to tackle. Maybe taking off school will allow for that?

Sounds of the moment...sudden quiet after much loud silliness. Should I be concerned?

From Hibbard Academy...just a few things to finish up before the summer break officially starts. Read-alouds will take a little longer, but that’s okay. I think we’ll get back to Latin this summer and continue our critical thinking puzzles. Those are fun things. And a little math. Not so fun, but still good to keep the brain active.

A favorite thing from last month...I will show you tomorrow. Because it’s just too awesome for a little blip here. And yes, I changed that from “last week” to “last month” because that’s how awesome it is.

The planner...home!!!! How happy that makes me! After two weeks on the road, I’m so happy with home!

Because visuals are guys building a spaceship.2014-05-31 17.51.09


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